Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bar mitzvah practice makes who-cares-if-it's perfect

Yesterday, Max and I headed to the temple where he's having his bar mitzvah. We met up with the music teacher he's been working with, and Max stood at the podium as she played guitar and they and ran through the songs.

Slowly but surely, we are inching our way toward his big day in April. And I do mean slowly, because juggling a bar mitzvah and a new baby is—how shall I put this—insane. Watching Max practice gave me some peace of mind, not to mention pride.

Last year at this time, Max refused to even walk into the sanctuary. Now, he dashed in there, made a beeline for the podium and adjusted the mic. Why say "Testing, testing" when you can say, ""I'm Fireman Max!"

He had the melodies down pat. He had the rhythm. He sang with enthusiasm and joy. The enunciation of the words: a work in progress, to some extent. That's never been Max's specialty and really, the words seemed secondary to the feeling and there was much there. Max sounded great to me. If I've learned one thing from raising him, it's that perfection is overrated.

The Shema is perhaps one of the most famous prayers in Judaism. In it, we ask God to hear our prayers.

As I watched Max singing it, it was clear God has heard mine.


  1. He looks so proud standing up there. It's great you can practice in the temple before the big day. He's going to be a rockstar

  2. He's doing an amazing job. You are doing an amazing job and I have no doubt it will be an amazing day for everyone.

  3. Baruch HaShem that is beautiful to the Almighty. Max will be incredible young man.

    My daughter with special needs did her Bat Matzvah last year. It wasn't a typical one but, it was the best of her ability and I was extremely proud of her. She sings the Shema to me every morning and night now.

  4. I swear that I got the chills listening to him sing the shema! I thought he did a good job enunciating. Such a wonderful moment.

  5. I am teaching myself how to sing. Singing is way harder than it looks. Max sang very well.

  6. Max is living up to his chosen name of Fireman Max, showing his own inner flame of courage and determination! His journey toward his Bar Mitzvah is already awesome; the day itself will be the open blossom, filled with singing, love, laughter, and celebration. Go, Max! So proud of you!

  7. Great job Fireman Max, your doing great!!

  8. Max sounds amazing!!! Can't wait until the big day!


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