Friday, August 12, 2011

What makes your husband hot?

"He cooks on the days I work 12 hr shifts." That's a Facebook friend telling me what makes her husband hot when I posted that Redbook is running its annual America's Hottest Husband contest (deadline is Monday, winner gets a trip to St. Croix and chances are good your husband will take you).

I could totally relate. I mean, I think my husband is sexy inside and out, from his smile to his sense of humor. But I have to say that turn-ons these days include when he fixes up stuff around the house, when he handles Pull-ups changes, and when he does this one super-super-sexy bedroom move: picks up his clothes off the floor. (If you've never checked out Porn For Women by the Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative, featuring a man on the cover vacuuming, you should).

I do not think my refined definition of sexy qualifies me as pathetic, though I can't be sure. What I do know is that we've got a lot to juggle in our house and hands-on help is HOT.

OK, what makes your husband hot? Share, then go enter him in that contest!

BLOG UPDATE: I'd changed the settings here so that you needed a registered email to comment. But then my good pal Wendy had trouble commenting. And it's been forever since I've heard from Felicia, one of my favorite commenters of all time, and I suspect that's why. I want this blog to be an open, not closed, space. So I'm switching back to the anyone-can-comment setting.


  1. What makes my husband hot? HE breathes. No seriously, we're going on 16 years of marriage and he still makes me weak in the knees - he lets me be ME, is not threatened by my flirty nature, and will come home after a long day following a 3-hour sleep night and still play with the kids, put them to bed and then do the dishes. I don't know if all that MAKES him more hot, or if that is even possible. I would love to shower with him every day if our schedules would allow. I look for ways to seduce him daily. He NEVER complains. And he has big muscles. My husband is hot. Sexy beast. I adore him.

    -Jennifer P.


  2. I think that all those magazine contests are rigged. Maybe it's because I'm bitter, maybe it's because I'm true, but my husband is so hot because he figured out a way for me to stay home with the kids (stay at home momma) while he works full time. We live off less than $50K per year and no government assistance. We budget every single penny and use coupons and any other discount we can, we go without a lot, but still have tons of cool things (internet!!) and we even go out to eat *using coupons* about two times a week. So yes, my husband is smoking hot.

  3. YAY! Open commenting!

    I can't answer this because I don't have a husband yet. Get back to me on Sunday ;)

  4. I never went away, I just was muzzled!

    What made my True Love hot was that he could always,always,always make me laugh, and he never sweated the small stuff. He always said "We'll get through this," and I believed him, because we always did! I have some great memories!

  5. What makes my husband hot? Where do I begin? He works hard so I can stay home with my daughter. He loves to cook and he is very good at it - how hot is that? When I cook and it tastes awful, he doesn't complain. He cleans the bathroom if I ask him to. And I really think he is hot when he handles bath time so I can get a break! Plus, after 16 years of marriage, I still think he looks darn good!

  6. All the things you have written are really sweet and I think I will relate in the future, because I think alike. :)

    I don't have a husband yet because I am quite young, but what makes my boyfriend hot is not just his looks. It's mainly the funny things he says, the things he laughs about, the way he takes care of me when I am sick or hurt, his reassuring hug, his protectiveness... Plus he promises that when we grow up he'll be a husband like the ones you described above! :)

  7. What makes my husband hotter than ever, is that he does all the laundry for our family of 5, without ever shrinking anything or turning the whites pink. He also picks up all the kid's toys and puts them away.. A task I renounced one day after picking up the same abandoned toys over and over and over...

  8. My husband is simply just kidding though he is. He has piercing blue/green eyes that seems like they can see into your soul. He works 6 days a week but still does the dishes every night, helps me with dinner, plays with the kids, fixes my car mows the grass. He refuses to let me do anything that may hurt or strain me in anyway even if he could sometimes use the help. He is very protective and sweet and laughs at my corny jokes. No matter how mad, upset, or stressed I am he can ALWAYS make me smile. I love everything about him and I think he is uber HOTT!

  9. When we go on dates to restaurants that have TVs my hubs will purposely choose a seat facing away from the tvs so that he won't be distracted and can give me his full attention. Love that!

  10. My husband's confidence is pretty hot. He's 5'3'' and I'm 6'0'' and that's never bothered him. He does dishes, laundry, and puts the kids to bed each night. He doesn't mind that I stay up late most nights writing, or that I am heavily involved in a non-profit organization. And, when I came back after being gone for 4 days at BlogHer, he told me he'd had an amazing time with our sons and that the weekend had taught him so much about being a dad and it just made him love our babies even more. THAT is hot!

  11. hmm. may have to pass on this one.
    But I know what pleases "her indoors".
    When I come in after a full shift and she's at her wit's end with squabbling kids, a screaming toddler and Ashley's endless nappies, I'm okay with her fleeing to her friend's or the shops.
    I do all the ironing. I do the bathrooms. I do Ashley's physio and meds and make sure we do the prescription requests in good time.
    Basically pulling my weight and giving her the freedom to be herself and not a full time Mum, Carer, Chauffeur, cleaner, chef, washer-woman, maid and therapist (to me).

  12. My husband is hot because he's kind to everyone, not just me and by daughter. In his profession he deals with people with substance abuse problems, chronic illnesses and special needs and he treats everyone equally, like a person. That's one of the reasons why I fell in love with him. Nothing is hotter then kindness.

  13. When he looks at me in that certain way and smiles that certain way that makes my insides just melt into piles of goop. Teehee!

    Well we're not married, but being together for 4 1/2 years and it's kind of the same! Kind of ;)

  14. I love that book. Best line: "You look HOT in those sweats."

    My husband is sexiest when he says those four little words: "You can sleep in."

    Conversely, nothing makes him less sexy than THESE four words: "I smell horse manure." In other words, one of the twins has a poop, and he's not cleaning it up." :(

    Mostly though, he's hot. We just went to the beach, and he has the body of a 20 year old. It's not super fair as my body has aged naturally.

  15. Thanks for letting me comment! :)
    My hubby is so hot because he helps taking care of my son and doesn't mind when I can't make dinner because my son is acting up. He will pick us up some take out or we go for mcdonalds. french fries on a stressful day with my hubby is great.

  16. My husband is hot because when he is away at work he sends me text messages that just simply say "I miss you" or "I love you". He is hot because when he is home he cooks dinner for me and the boys every night. He is hot because when I have an emotional meltdown about one of the boys he doesn't run away - he makes me feel a whole lot better. He is super handy around the house (he built us a new deck and made the laundry room 100% more functional) and he has a great sense of humour. Yup, my husband is all kinds of hot!


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