Friday, August 5, 2011

Hey! I told you not to read the blog today

OK, perhaps you missed yesterday's post in which I begged you to not read the blog today and instead make plans to meet up with other special needs parents in real life.

Today, I'm away at the BlogHer conference where I'll be BlogBlabbing, BlogMingling, BlogEating, BlogLearning and maybe just a leetle BlogDrinking. One of my posts—The Girl Next Door—is a Voices of the Year honoree. It's in the "Perspectives" category because there was no Special Needs Sexy Mom category.

Meanwhile, please leave this blog immediately and go make some plans.

Dave, love, if you are reading this, please refer back to these instructions for the care and feeding of the children, and remember, the last time you let them wear the same clothes three days in a row, I knew.


  1. I spent 4 hours at the zoo this morning with one of my besties who happens to be the mother of a special needs child...does that count?

  2. That counts! Glad you got to hang!

  3. I'm reading this blog from my hotel at the National Down Syndrome Convention in San Antonio TX. Surely that counts as spending time with other special needs parents! :)

  4. Rachel, that is rather awesome! BlogHer had a special needs mini conference, I'll share about it when I am coherent again!

  5. in looking over my list of friends, sadly, most of my closest peeps are special needs parents in SOME way or another! I just feel more comfortable around them...

    one friend finally got her 4 year old in special needs preschool to get help for his speech delay

    another friend has a daughter who was born with deformities of her trachea and esophagus

    another friend has a 3 year old with severe CP who is vent dependent

    another has a daughter with aspergers, and takes in foster kids with special needs.

    another has TWO kids on the autism spectrum.

    I have *normal* friends, but not as many...

  6. I'm too busy gathering my pics for the Sexy Special Needs Moms awards to spend time with other moms! :) I take it dried oatmeal on clothing is the new sexy?

  7. It was lovely meeting you at the mini-con! I hope you made it back home safe and sound!

  8. Cheryl, so glad to meet you too!!!

    Dried oatmeal on clothing: totally sexy. Of course.

    Sarah, I'm the opposite—I mostly have real-life friends who do not have kids with special needs, and feel I need more of what you have. A mix seems best....


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