Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet our new Puppy

While I was at the Blissdom Conference, the kids acquired a fish. Not quite the addition to the family I'd been dreaming of while I was away, but still, a thrill.

A Siamese Fighting Fish is far less of a shock to come home to than a dog, which is what happened to my friend Jill at Scary Mommy when she went to BlogHer. Evidently, there is something about blogger conferences that inspires your family to run out and get pets while you're gone.

Sabrina's named him Puppy, which sure beats what the kids named our last fish: "Fish" (Sabrina) and "Ish" (Max). Hopefully, I won't send this little guy off to that big fishbowl in the sky. Already there was some drama today; it suddenly occurred to me at around 4:00 to ask Sabrina if she'd fed him that morning, just two pellets like she was supposed to. And then I was all wracked with guilt that it took me most of the day to remember that she was supposed to feed him. Thankfully, she did. Tonight, I caught her giving him more pellets. "He needs a bedtime snack!" she explained.

Max is mesmerized by Puppy and, miraculously, doesn't even mind that he's blue and not purple. He stands there and just watches him swimming around and around, despite Sabrina's charming habit of shrieking "DON'T TOUCH MY FISH!" Even if we manage to keep feeding him, the poor fish may drop dead of a heart attack.

I'm already thinking about who's going to keep reminding Sabrina to feed him (she is six, after all), who's going to change the water, who's going to be the one to shout "OH NO! PUPPY!" when we're halfway en route to the airport for our next vacation. It's not the responsibility, per se—it's just one more thing that I have to remember to do, because I am this household's central databank.

And now you are all thinking, This is the woman who wants a third kid?!


  1. He (I'm assuming it's a he for some reason) beautiful. That glorious blue! And the tank looks wondrous. Fishtanks are also so peaceful and relaxing. (If you don't have to clean them) :)

  2. Well I think you'll be fine with no.3, I really do.

    I have 3, 7,5 and 3 year old, my 3 year old has Cerebral Palsy, we always wanted a 4th (my husband and I both confessed that on our 3rd date), and I/we still do... aside from the 70lb gain each pregnancy (I did lose the weight before getting pregnant again) and I currently have 24lb's go go from Oatie...

    I am sooo broody at the moment too. That baby at Blissdom was so gorgeous.

    My hesitation from having no.4 is well, my 7 year old born at 32 weeks, 3lb14 yep a premmie (he's strong as an ox),
    I had a missed miscarriage at 16 weeks!
    My daughter who's now 5 was a perfect textbook pregnancy and born on her due date.

    My Oatie was born at 37weeks 5lb's with a diseased-dead placenta...

    I would so love to have another one, but what are the odds of giving birth to two special needs in one family? (I love my Oatie, so much, he's our plucky comic relief) My friends say probably a chance in several million... but I feel the 4th would complete our family.

    The transition from two kids to three was really nice. Oh and I love your fish too.



  3. I knew a family with a cat named Dog. Heh! If you can do this, it is a sign you are ready for a third child.

    Hey Mel, I had placental poop out and a three pound two ouncer, who is just fine, and next baby had a lovely placenta and a wholly different set of issues resulting in CP. Lightning does strike twice but I was told placental poop out was highly unlikely to repeat.

    Ya'll go out and get us some babies, 'cuz I'm done, but I'd like to hold yours.

  4. nice fish.
    my Dad kept fish when I was a kid and we had a Siamese. If you hold a mirror up to the side near him he'll put on a display for you. Don't do it too much though, it exhausts him. Ours were red I think. You can only have one male with several females but they live with other fish like mollies quite happily.
    Oh and any food he doesn't eat scoop out or you'll be cleaning your tank every 2 minutes.
    Glad Max likes them.

  5. ps Susan it is a male, the females are very plain

  6. Ellen, have you held a mirror up to the tank yet? Puppy will puff up and maybe try to fight its own reflection. It's pretty cool to watch.

  7. Oatie's mom, can't blame you for not wanting a fourth, after what you've been thru.

    Hi, Julia! At both yours and Dave's reco, we will be trying the mirror thing, cool idea!

    Yes, Susan, a glorious blue. Not that you could see it today, tank already cloudy. Here comes nagging Mommy: Who's going to clean the tank?

  8. I think Puppy is a really great looking fish! I had a couple of Betta fish when I was well into my 20s, and they are certainly mesmerizing to watch!

    I like Sabrina's comment about how Puppy needed a snack; it reminds me of what Heather O'Rourke says about her goldfish in "Poltergeist": "But Tweety Two and Tweety Three want seconds!" ^_^

  9. You'll have to get a high-end, self cleaning tank with an automated feeder....just to be on the safe side!!!

    I'm not much of a fish person (unless it is on the plate sauteed in garlic and lemon) but that's a pretty little fish! The kids can have fun making "fish faces" back at it (good for their facial muscle development!).

  10. I wish you luck with your new family member. The last experience we had with fish was buying 2 males (they told us they were females) who literally ate each other to death. It was the most revolting pet experience ever. Hopefully yours will be better. :)

  11. I wish I had another entire day in Nashville to spend with you. I was pulled in a lot of different directions! It was great to see you in person, though!

  12. I think you will have a hard time killing this fish, they are really resiliant. I had one for a semester while I was at college (i ended up giving it to a friend when I couldn't take it home for the summer) and accidentally forgot to get someone to feed it for me while I was gone for 2 weeks, and he was fine when I got back. They can go quite awhile without food and a clean tank, although I'm not saying it's a good idea to not feed him or clean his tank :p


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