Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Insanely Simplified Guide To The Blissdom Conference

Next week, I'm headed to Nashville to speak at the Blissdom Conference. I'll be talking about harnessing social media for social good with some amazing women, doing a professional writing workshop with yet more amazing women, serving as the special needs tribe leader, and also showing off my world-renowned baton-twirling skills. OK, not that.

I've been seeing some newbies on Twitter getting a wee bit anxious about what it's like to be at Blissdom, so I thought I'd share some helpful advice.

Clothes: Bring some.
Clean underwear: Recommended.
Sequined black gown: Save it for the Oscars.
Shoes: Your call.
Pajamas or sweats: A considerate thing, since your roommate might not appreciate your sleeping in the buff. Unless she does that too. In which case you might consider forming your own tribe.
Toiletries and makeup: Looking and smelling good may increase your odds of not looking or smelling bad, according to the Surgeon General of The United States.
George Clooney: Yes, bring him if you can.
Pens and paper: So 2001, but a good idea. Come to think of it, there is a really great How To Move A Pen Wisdom Workshop on writing, and though it does not specify that a pen is required, one might be. Play it safe.
The kids' pet hamster: Nah, he'll be fine, but then again he might benefit from the Vlogging or Advanced Branding Wisdom Workshops.
Integrity: Necessary (duh!) but there's no need to bring extra because there is a "Integrity & Strategy" panel about having "unflappable character and consistent core values as a key to implement bliss" and word is that either "integrity" or "strategy" will be in the swag bag.
Snacks: Not necessary if you like to chew on your pen (see above).
Business cards: Yes, definitely, so you will have one to hand to George Clooney in case someone decides to bring him.
Your child's IEP (Individualized Education Plan), for my special needs peeps: Bwahahahahahaha
Your concerns: Leave 'em behind. This is an incredibly warm and welcoming conference. You will learn lots, you will learn stuff you didn't even know you needed to know, you will make many new friends (some of whom may or may not be George Clooney), you will be highly entertained and—bonus!—your family will come to understand that houses do not magically clean themselves.

Got even better Blissdom advice to share? I am so very sure you do. Feel free to link up to your Blissdom post; just enter the title of the post and the direct URL.

You're welcome. I am nothing if not helpful.


  1. How could I offer any advice after that??? Can't wait to see you. I think we are going to have some serious fun!

  2. Phew. Thank you! I feel totally prepared now!

    Hilarious. I love it.

    Can't wait to hear you guys speak. For realio.

  3. LOL - we women do worry well don't we...thanks for calming our fears!! Still laughing...

  4. So looking forward to seeing you again, Ellen.

    I think I had the nerves before my first conference too, but now I don't worry about what to wear and being all fancy schmancy. It matters not!

  5. Hopping on the can't wait to see you bandwagon!!!

  6. This is a great list for any travel event. I think this is all the advice I will need for any trip.

  7. Thank you for this. So funny. It really does make a newbie less terrified.

    I wish George Clooney were coming - so I wouldn't stick out so much.

    I have no advice for Blissdom - not sure if I should join the linky - my post is about why I, as a man, guy, dude, am attending. So it seems out of place for a "give your advice" sort of linky. Make sense?

    Still - thank you for this - Hope to see you at Blissdom :)

    God Bless

  8. Ah, c'mon, Craig, post it. You'll have the honor of being the only LINK!

    And, HopeLights, now that you mention it, why, yes, this could apply to all sorts of events. :)

  9. Now I wanna go! Of course, I also wanted to go before, but there are too many hoops to jump through--oh so many hoops.

  10. Oh my gosh Ellen.. I read daily but I NEVER comment. I absolutely adore your blog. I am so excited that you will be coming to Nashville! It thrills me to know that during that day I will be in downtown Nashville in my stuffy cubicle job AT THE SAME TIME you are at your fancy conference. MAYBE EVEN READING YOUR BLOG. OMG. BRAIN SPLOSIONS. You are such a celebrity!

  11. Totally awesome! Now I wish I was going just in case someone happens to bring George Clooney because you never know!

  12. Great advice!

    I must admit I'm a bit confused by the swag bag remark (re: strategy or integrity), but maybe you have inside information that I don't!

  13. Annie: Read no deeper meaning into my silliness!!!
    Leticia: I SO wish you were coming!
    Sara: Can you make it over for a day of the conference? Email me! And, um, celebrity? Me? I'll just refer you to my publicist about that one.

  14. It sounds like... ummm... fun? Yeah... fun.

    Ok fine. Not my thing. But have a blast!

  15. how fun! i hope clooney doesnt make an appearance at blissdom b/c i dont need another reason to be sad i'm not down south w y'all.

    have a great time!



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