Thursday, June 24, 2010

A free Baby Einstein DVD for parents of kids with special needs

Ever notice how many mainstream companies that specialize in kiddie toys and entertainment seem to somehow forget about kids with special needs? At least one of them is taking a step in the right direction. I got an e-mail recently about the Baby Einstein peeps, who are looking to reach out to families with special needs.

When Max was young, these videos mesmerized him—and me, too! They're meant to be used as entertainment (read: not as tools for brain development), and parents and tots are supposed to enjoy them together. When we'd take Max to get hyperbaric oxygen treatment, which involved me or Dave lying with Max in a claustrophobia-inducing glass tube infused with pure oxygen (it's supposed to spark dormant brain cells), we'd watch Baby Einstein videos together. But I'll confess that on occasion I'd park Max in front of a video in his bouncy seat while I showered. Guilty of yet another mom crime!

Now through December 31, the company is offering a free DVD Sampler to parents of kids with special needs that features 20 minutes of clips from three Baby Einstein DVDs and insights from an expert in child development. Visit the Special Children, Special Discoveries site to register for it, and feel free to leave your two cents about what you'd like to see the company doing. My request for them and all media companies: feature more children with special needs in your videos and TV shows.


  1. Checked it out, requested my sampler dvd and submitted your suggestion (which I love and strongly agree with) about featuring more children that have special needs in videos & tv shows. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your blog by the way. =]

  2. Graham was completely OBSESSED with Baby Einstein for YEARS. He called it "HaBahBeeYah"... it was the closest he could get to saying caterpillar... you know the little guy at the beginning of each DVD?

    I never gave a thought to seeing special needs kids in the videos.

    You ever see the Signing Time ones? They're FULL of special needs kids.

  3. Thanks for sharing...I just went to the link and shared my 2 cents!

    BTW, how's the arm?? Just a swim in a chlorinated pool will help...

  4. Poison ivy: still going strong. Headed to doc tomorrow!!!

    I've seen the Signing Time videos, they're great, but they're meant for kids with special needs. I'd like to see kids with special needs in mainstream videos.

  5. nice ellen come vist me and comment please

  6. Free stuff who can resist.. I'm going to head over and make my request I hope they ship to Canada. Kids with special needs should be included in their videos of course that is one of the reasons why I love Sesame Street my daughter Ashley's favorite show.

  7. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this! I struggle to find things that my 2 special needs kids can relate to.

  8. Thanks for this Ellen. I just put through a request and it seemed to go through. Not sure if they will send to Australia though. Will keep an eye on the mail :-). I think S is probably a bit old for this sort of thing, but I am very curious to see what a 'special needs' element consists of... (Then I will pass it on to someone who will enjoy it!).

  9. I'm not sure if they will send to Australia either, but it's worth a try, right? Very interested in the concept. Thanks for sharing ...


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