Sunday, June 20, 2010

Haaaaappppy Father's Day!

Dear Daddy,

Hello, it's us, Max and Sabrina! We have broken into Mommy's blog, and we're gonna figure out how to make it all purple (Max) and make it buy me Twinkle Toe sneakers (Sabrina), but first we wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day.

You are the BEST Daddy In The Whole Wide World.

You feed me (Max) and change me and carry me in the pool and do basically anything for me.

You taught me (Sabrina) how to ride a bike without wheels and even let me ride up and down the ramp with the big boys, though you nearly gave Mommy a heart attack.

You do silly dances with us.

You let us watch TV, and sometimes you even let us watch it at night! In your bed!!!

You take me to soccer lessons and movies (Sabrina) and to my Sunday playgroups and softball league (Max).

You cook me (Sabrina) turkey bacon every Sunday morning.

You buy us stuff at Toys 'R Us and Target even though Mommy tells you not to. Mommy is such a spoilsport.

You pick your shirts to match mine (Sabrina) when I ask you to.

You take us for ice-cream.

You show me (Max) how to do things again and again, and you never run out of patience.

You taught us how funny farts can be, although Mommy did not find that funny, for some reason.

You play tennis with me! (Sabrina).

You let us wear the same clothes three days in a row when Mommy went to Blissdom! And no baths!

You helped us grow a vegetable garden! Can we have a candy garden next, please?

You kiss us all the time and you give the best hugs.

We love you so, so much. MMMMMM-WAH!


  1. So cute! (And they can type better than one might think.....!)

  2. I loved this post with a gorgeous photograph to accompany it. Farts are funny, my daughter called Amy thinks so too, I think you two would get on just fine with her.

    (Note for mummy: She has autism, was diagnosed 7 yrs ago)

    Best wishes, CJ xx

  3. hay ellen did u know that there are new styles to chose from on blogger u can change the color sceme of this blog to purple

  4. What a great post and so well-deserved by Dave. He is truly a very devoted father and Max and Sabrina are so lucky to have you and Dave as parents. I hope he had a great Father's day.

  5. How cute!! They sure are two lucky kids!

  6. Fabulous. These kids are so blessed.

    There's something about that picture that makes max look so grown up. It may be the haircut, but he looks like he got a lot taller.

  7. Love it! I wonder what would happen if I let my kids "guest blog"!!!

  8. Nice post. Especially love the candy garden idea!


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