Saturday, June 5, 2010

Starbucks addictions start young—like, 7 years old

We had the nicest evening tonight with the kids, the kind I couldn't have planned. We went to get ice-cream at Stone Cold Creamery. Max usually wants chocolate, but tonight he demanded a blueberry smoothie (such a lovely purple color) with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. Then we sat down outside. While we were there, a violinist and guitarist set up right near our table and started playing. It was so relaxing to sit there and listen to live music, something I haven't done in a long time. Max stood there and stared, mesmerized.

As we walked back to the car, he ran up to Starbucks and insisted on going inside. Then he walked right up to the counter.

"Ah-hee!" he said to the barista.

It took a second but then, duh, Dave and I realized what he was saying. We were in Starbucks, after all, and Max wanted coffee. Dave has a Starbucks habit, and it seems to have rubbed off on Max.

I looked at her, winked and said, "Yes! He'll have coffee!"

She knew just what to do: She filled up a coffee cup with water, put a lid on it, then slipped on one of those cardboard sleeves to make it all authentic.

Max drank his "coffee" all the way home.


  1. Oh now, that just made my day!

  2. So cute. My son Henry's first words, I think, were "cof-fee?" "cof-fee?" which made me realize that Starbucks was my habit (this was about twelve years ago!).

    When is the drawing for the chocolate? I'm dying to something good to happen -- so even if it's not me, I'll be happy to know who gets it all!

  3. Susan, Mum to MollyJune 5, 2010 at 12:56 AM

    How lovely that the Starbucks lady was right onto it, and quickly. Looks like he got the big size!

    I love Starbucks too, Max (and Dave), but sadly they are few & far between here "Down Under"...

    Have a great weekend, Susan

  4. Geez Louise! Is that a big deal, or what! How cool that Max just strutted into the shop and placed his order, without any hesitation, balking, tension or sensory overload issues!

    I think Max is making some incredible and important gains of late in terms of how he interacts with the world--how wonderful for him (and his swell parents, too, of course).

    Blueberry smoothies--yeah, that's the ticket!!!!

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  6. Max is such a character. I'm a huge coffee fan too - if you guys are ever out here, I'll have to buy him a cup. =)

  7. How cute is he? It is funny what kids pick up on from us and what they want to mimic. If I wouldn't have read your blog today I would have forgot my own memory :) We did that for our oldest on a trip we took 2 years ago. The whole time Piper asked for coffee so we would find a cup and put milk in it with the lid.
    Take care!

  8. That is too freakin' cute, Ellen! THat's one of those moments you will remember, eh? I wish I could have seen it myself!

  9. LOL...My son had a Starbucks habit at like age 2. There was a Starbucks on the way to his speech therapy appointment.We made it into a therapy opportunity--he got timbits if he ordered himself--including number of timbits and flavor.The ladies at the counter were so patient and sweet--even when his apraxic speech was almost impossible to understand. He always managed to sweet talk me into letting him have the last gulp of my coffee.

    As Felicia said, that is freakin HUGE that he walked in and ordered, all by himself!Sounds like more trips to Starbucks are in order...

  10. Oh such simple joys of life.
    smgoodie smg(underscore)gdp(at)hotmail(dot)com

  11. Elizabeth: Chocolate giveaway ends Tuesday night, stay tuned!

    Good idea, Jessie—we can get him some chocolate milk in there!

    Sarah: Love how you made this part of your son's therapy.

    And Felicia, YES!!!!!!!! Max is really interacting with the world in new, exciting and adorable ways lately. One of these days, he's going to walk into our local pub and order himself a beer. :)

  12. Hehe that is too cute! I'm glad the barista played along. When i was his age I wanted nothing to do with coffee. My mom tried to get me to taste it and I would refuse. Nowadays I can't start my mornings without it!

  13. @Ellen--The SLP loved it. Not only was it functional speech wise, but we used the treats in his therapy session--whipped cream from my iced capp was applied and licked off of lips...powdered sugar from the timbits was also applied and licked off, then the donut consumed as his reward.

    All the ladies got to know him real good. One older lady always seemed to slip a few extra timbits in his bag, and was happy to give me an extra coffee cup to pour his milk into :)

  14. That is awesome. :) I love Starbucks too Max, and Coldstone!

  15. PS - I just saw a headline for a Best Chocolate Ice Cream article, and immediately thought of Max. Chocolate ice cream tester - sounds like the perfect career for him! =)

  16. So cool that the barista knew just how to play along!

  17. Too cute. Elizabeth and I had a lovely quiet moment at Starbucks in a local book store today. I enjoyed a skinny vanilla latte (with a whipped cream of course) and she enjoyed a steamed chocolate soy milk in a coffee cup like a big girl. I love the mini travel coffee cups for home, I have bought her one and it is great for her cold drinks as the lid is pretty tight.

  18. LOL now he's part of the Starbucks machine---like I am!

  19. made my day too!


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