Friday, September 23, 2022

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Fall feels edition

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  1. Thanks Louise [from BLOOM and Ben's Mum]:

    "Making room for grief and joy" is so important.

    The two emotions/concepts do exist in the same time and the same space and inform each other.

    Now that I have read "Making Room" and learnt more about Quinn and her life [especially the Botox needle pain].

    And Amber Bobnar [web manager of WONDERBABY.ORG and mother of Ivan] - thank you for your paired pieces on self-care skills and the adaptive equipment which facilitates maintenance, generalisation and mastery of the four main fields you have mentioned [toileting; dressing; feeding and hygiene].

    AB: How exciting that T is your reading buddy and you have buddied up with T. I did see the "Guiding Light" post last week and looked at it *en passant* - and I do hope that T will have lots of other reading buddies.

    I will be sharing some of my book and multimedia friends - and some of my own work as well. On the blog I recently met a German Autistic elder and it was so good.

    Adelaide Dupont


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