Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Disbility Blogger Weekend Link-up is up

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Like this: Steve Tyler feeds a child with disabilities and the Internet explodes

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  1. Seems I posted Carrie-Anne's RADICAL ACCELERATION post last week [Monday or Tuesday my time - most likely Monday].

    It goes well with the others in their Education series [about redshirting and about normal - ie: 1 or 2 grades instead of 3 or more - grade skipping].

    Also in early September 2022 there were two Nora Notes blogs including a gala. One of the blogs introduces Katie and Annie - Annie herself has a disability - and the Nora Project in Chicago and beyond is all about inclusive education and community.

    Meanwhile Jerusha Mather is campaigning against an ableist medical school examination which goes for 5 and a quarter hours and involves drawing. Of course the exam is not only ableist: it is racist; sexist; classist and in nearly every other way problematic. It is no longer fit for purpose for Australian doctoring and medical science.

    Brainwave have started "a Bunnings for second-hand bikes". They are a Victorian organisation for those with brain injuries. We learn about 24-year-old Daniel and how this is the first job which has ever supported him for being himself.

    And the Opposition Leader of Victoria has been campaigning for health care [including emergency services]. His latest campaign involves the Maroondah Hospital.

    Thank you AB and Rob Quinn for your blogs.

    Adelaide Dupont


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