Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The nicest thing someone's done for me lately and the big-time joy of small kindnesses

The basil was sitting in my fridge for a good week before I got around to using it. I'd poked holes in the plastic bag to help keep it fresh but dang, it wilted. It was fine for a salad, not so much for the tomato, basil and mozzarella plate I'd wanted to make for Sabrina and Dave. For that, you need pretty basil. 

A neighbor had posted in our neighborhood Facebook group that she had an abundance of basil, and I'd claimed some. We are not one of those families that has managed to get it together and grow our own pandemic produce. But I was eager to make that dish. I messaged Stephanie—did she have any more basil, just a few leaves? A few minutes later, she replied: "I can snip a bunch for you." She left them on her front porch. Yesterday, I surprised Sabrina and Dave with the dish at lunch and got happy grins in return. I zapped Stephanie a photo, with a thank you. 

These days, gestures like sharing garden goodies mean a lot.

Little kindnesses are a reminder that as socially isolated as we may feel, people are still thinking about each other.  

Little kindnesses remind us that human connections and care endure, despite a virus that has torn our country apart in many ways.  

Little kindnesses are refreshing treats in days that blend into each other.

Little kindnesses are an antidote to the seeming selfishness of people who refuse to wear masks. 

Little kindnesses are the lifts we need when the news and the world itself seem oppressive and sad. They are comfort food for our souls. Just thinking about them gives me the warm fuzzies.

This week, a wonderful woman Max met at his sleepaway camp sent us yet more masks she'd sewn for him and for our family. Months ago, my sister brought me a watermelon-flavored lip gloss that we loved as kids. The gold tin has been sitting on my dresser ever since. I haven't much used it; it makes me happy to simply see it there. When I'm working in the attic, Dave often brings me a sandwich and drink for lunch (I call him DaveDash), and just the sound of his feet trudging up the stairs gives me a lift. A guy in our neighborhood regularly asks me if I need anything when he goes to a grocery store or drugstore, because he knows we're still not going to stores. We're doing fine with getting stuff delivered, but every time he asks, it is so comforting.  

Being the person doing a kindness can be just as enjoyable. I was legit thrilled to present that tomato, basil and mozzarella dish to Sabrina and Dave. Recently, when someone asked if I had a couple of extra masks because they were needed for a plane flight to to visit an ailing parent, I was glad to mail her some. That person was really grateful, and I felt great sending them to her. Win-win. Mother Teresa I am not, as I've often said, but it was no big deal. 

Our days are long. The future is uncertain. The anxiety can be overwhelming. Whether we're giving or receiving, we need those little kindnesses, now more than ever.

What's the nicest little thing someone's done for you, lately? 

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  1. Basil doesn't keep for very long under the best of circumstances, but it's one herb that should be at room temperature (i.e., not in the fridge). Best bet is to put some water in the bottom of a coffee cup and put the stems in the water on the counter. As a bonus, it looks nice too!

    As for people doing nice stuff for us, we've had a few people make us masks unsolicited, and my wife's friend sends occasional boxes with jams that she makes.


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