Thursday, July 2, 2020

For anyone who thinks people with disabilities are so different, I give you: sibling rivalry

We're on vacation this week at the shore, which has helped us all chill out and also provided many new opps for the rivalry that exists between Ben and Max.

Who will zoom out of the condo and get to the elevator first?

Who will get to the car in the garage first?

Who will finish their donut first?

Who will get to sit in the front of the golf car we rented?

Who has the bigger share of pasta?

Who will have their pajamas on first?

And so on and so on and so on. OMG.

These two can go at it pretty intensely. At first, it was surprising to me because of the 13-year age difference. But I guess it makes sense. Ben resents the extra attention Max gets since he has cerebral palsy and occasionally needs a hand. Max resents the extra attention Ben gets since he's a little guy who occasionally needs a hand. Sabrina is Switzerland—she doesn't get into arguments with either one of them.

Max and Ben are each pretty good at standing their ground and roaring at each other, perhaps skills that will come in handy someday (or so I like to tell myself). Max may have disabilities, but he is as competitive as any sibling. It's as nerve-wracking to me and Dave as it is to any parents, and we  regularly play peacemaker.

Things came to a head on the basketball court the other evening. Ben and Max were supposed to take turns over who had the ball, which wasn't working out so well and there was a lot of shouting. Then Ben scored a basket and we were all impressed...except Max.

Max had the ball next and even when he missed the hoop, it was pretty amazing to see him lifting his arms over his head and throwing that ball around.

As he kept taking shots, Ben shouted "Max, you're really bad!" I told Ben that was not OK to say and that Max was trying his best.


"I'm very GOOD!" Max announced, took a shot, and swish. Revenge basket!

Sibling rivalry wins.

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