Friday, July 3, 2020

A great store for shades: a guest post by Sabrina

This is a guest post by Sabrina. She recently tried out SmartBuyGlasses, which she reviewed in exchange for a pair of shades. Her opinions are firmly her own, however. As usual.

Now that summer is here, everyone wants to feel prepared for hot days. Sunglasses are the most important essential, since they keep your eyes safe and they keep you super trendy!

I went shopping on to find the perfect pair. You can easily look up your favorite brand, or if you have a hard time choosing like me, there are a variety of designs and styles you can browse. The site is really well organized, the prices are good and the shipping is free. There is even a "best price guarantee" and if you find a better price after 14 days of buying a pair, they will match the price.

What's especially awesome is that you can do a virtual try-on to see how you look in different styles of glasses. All you do is take a five-second selfie video on your computer (a video tells you how to turn your face for the right angle). Then it tells you your face shape—it said my face shape is oval, with a chin slightly narrower than my forehead, so all frame shapes and styles would work for me. 

After you take the selfie, you click "go to try-on." Whenever you want to see how you look in a pair, you just click "selfie view" and the sunglasses pop right onto your face. It's fun and helpful, especially since a lot of stores aren't open right now. It's also a little addictive!

I especially love Ray-Bans, and my mom refused to buy me a new pair after I lost my last one so here was my chance! I got the hexagonal metal flats style. Now I just need to keep them out of my little brother's hands.

The people at the store are offering readers a 10 percent discount—just enter the code LOVETHATMAX10 at checkout. Wishing you a happy and healthy summer!!!


  1. Those glasses look beautiful on you! This store sounds great, I will check it out—and try on lots of stuff.

  2. Ellen....
    Sabrina looks like a hippie with her long straight hair, and her casual stance!! I dig it!! ;-D
    Peace and love, Mary Lou

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