Friday, November 20, 2015

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: It's for you

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Like this: And then my head exploded at the pediatrician's

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  1. I posted a blog post from a local newspaper by a State Assemblyman who is a former special education teacher. He is pushing the governor to think about people with developmental disabilities in his legislation. This isn't the first time he has written a letter to the governor advocating for people with special needs.

  2. After hearing from a number of clients/workshop participants/etc. that they felt their spouse was 'babying' their child with Down syndrome, I figured others might be interested in some tips from a professional counselor on how to handle this! Hope it's helpful!

  3. Thanks for running this linky - I run a monthly SEND round up on a site in the UK called BritMums so I know there's work involved! :)

    1. and excuse me for not being able to follow the instructions properly! Doh. Too late, too tired... ;)

  4. I'm at #23 and #25.

    #23 is a primarily humorous post that imagines MBTIs as disability bloggers. I wrote short descriptions for each MBTI that may or may not be accurate to your MBTI.

    #25 is a "brief" explanation of why temperament theory can help in dealing with disability.

  5. I'm at 31 and 32 with Wordless Wednesday and A post from my friend about our "Fellowship Friday's" and a challenge to share your #Fellowship Friday (what you and your "fellowship" aka your friends do on Friday)

  6. I linked up an everyday feminism article about how the author's life changed when she got hearing aids at 27. I've had a hearing aid since I was five and have heard comments about how it's an old people problem my whole life. I really enjoyed this article and there is a special sort of connection that can only be grasped through awkward hearing aid moments and I've had my share. Hearing loss in kids and young adults is not really discussed, and the effect it has on us, really isn't discussed. This article was very refreshing.

  7. Looking forward to reading all these wonderful posts!


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