Thursday, November 12, 2015

Heard at our house this week

"Honey, I think he's hungry."—Dave [Repeat 10,000 times]

"He likes to pull my hair! Maybe because he's my brother."—Sabrina

"When I handed him to you his cheek hit my chest, do you think he's OK?"—Dave

"Did I eat a lot when I was a baby?"—Max

"If you leave your stuff lying all over the floor I could TRIP on it while I'm holding THE BABY!"—Me, trying to guilt certain individuals into cleaning up

"Maaaaaaaax! Don't breathe on him, you have germs! Maaaaaaaax! You're breathing on him!!! Mommmmmy he's breathing on him!"—Sabrina

"I love quiche! Can the baby eat quiche?"—Max

"I want to choose his outfit! What does he have that's fancy?"—Sabrina

"I think he's getting a cleft chin!"—Dave

"Maybe another time."—Sabrina, whenever I offer to let her change a poopy diaper

"I'm the best brother in the world!"—Max

"He sounded like he just snorted. Do you think he's OK?"—Dave

"I'm sorry to report that I think my boobs are about to fall off."—Me

"Maybe he'd like a Crayola Light Designer for Chanukah! We can share!"—Sabrina

"He stinks!"—Max

"Is he going to start walking soon?"—Sabrina

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  1. I couldn't help but laugh. Especially at Sabrina's comments. This should be a regular feature.

    1. She definitely gives me lots of material to share, for better and for worse. :)

  2. i love this new feature, always love the adventures you share.

  3. I love coming here for a smile. So glad you had a baby just so we could share in the adventure (and, without the constant nursing or the poopy diapers) :-).

    Have you asked Max to consider the possibility that *Ben* is the best brother in the world?


    1. Thanks, zb! You'll be pleased to know that Max has occasionally noted that Ben is the best brother in the world. But he really likes to toot his own horn!

  4. I knew an addition to the family would give you all kinds of new material! It's good that you're keeping your sanity somehow!!

  5. Well, what can I say? Babies are a great source of comedy and blog fodder.


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