Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh, yes, I did that at the doctor's office

Oh, yes, I did: When the guy at the hospital registration desk was taking our information, Max insisted on telling him about his upcoming birthday party and trip to Chicago with his dad. So I let him. 

Oh, yes, I did: As we walked down the hallway, Max noticed a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher. He wanted me to snap photos. No prob!

Oh, yes, I did: In the waiting room, Max wanted me to write "I want to be a fireman when I grow up" on scrap paper. Over and over and over (and: over). Of course!

Oh, yes, I did: When the nurse called Max's name, he gave me a look and stayed seated. So I said to her, "Would you mind calling 'Fireman Max?'"And she did and he leaped to his feet.

Oh, yes, I did: I asked the nurse to first measure his height with the Fire Chief hat on, and then with it off.

Oh, yes, I did: Before the doctor came in, I had to sneak in an examination of Max's ears with the ear probe because he loves that thing.

Oh, yes, I did: As the doctor walked in, before he even said a word I told him, point blank, "He's still known as Fireman Max."

Oh, yes, I did: When Max didn't want to take off his shoes and foot braces so the doctor could look at his feet I informed him, "A firefighter would take off his shoes for the doctor to look at them!" It worked.

Oh, yes, I did: When the doctor asked if I regularly massage Max's feet, I said "When I can." Which is English for, "Um, not so often."

Oh, yes, I did: The doctor wanted to see Max walking really fast and Max wouldn't so I said "Let's race!" As soon as I said "GO!" Max put out one arm to block me so he could get ahead. The doctor started laughing. Then we did it again, and the doctor said "No blocking your mom this time" only once more, Max put out his arm to block me. The doctor couldn't stop laughing.

Oh, yes, I did: When the doctor talked about maybe giving Max more Botox in his right leg to loosen it up, I told him all about my big moneymaking idea: A Mommy and Me Botox Clinic. Kids with cerebral palsy can get injections in their hands and legs to relieve stiffness. Their moms can get a little bit around the eyes to alleviate wrinkles caused by years of worrying. He thought I had something there.

Oh, yes: I will pretty much do anything to keep Max calm, content and happy at the doctor's office—and to preserve my sanity.


  1. LOL the things parents do for their kids.

  2. Did they notice a difference with the fire hat on? It was probably less than 0.001 pounds.

  3. We have a stuffed monkey that has been to every doctor's appointment and has had every procedure done that Javier has had. He even has custom made AFO's!

  4. I love the race - My daughter probably would have taken it a step further and tripped me, but she is a teen.


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