Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Help change other parents' perceptions of special needs: Take this important survey

Ever feel that fellow parents have no idea of what your life is like as the mom of a kid with special needs, for better or worse? Here's your chance to help.

For a major story in Parents' magazine spring 2014 issue, they're conducting a survey of two groups of moms: those whose children have special needs and those who do not.

The editors are looking closely at both groups' attitudes about the issue of special needs, particularly how they affect our children socially and in school. They also want to better understand how both groups of moms understand and relate to one another. The ultimate goal is empathy and understanding, which of course will benefit all kids (and us moms).

The survey should take about 30 minutes and includes open-ended questions, which means you get to express your opinions and describe your experiences in detail.

Just a few requirements from the Parents peeps:
• Moms only, please, ages 18 to 65
• Your child with special needs must be between 3 to 12 years of age. (If you have other children outside that range, that's fine.)
• You cannot take the survey if you work in the fields of education, healthcare or pharmaceuticals (because several survey questions touch on those topics).

The survey is open through Sunday, October 27; click to take the one for parents of kids with special needs. (The survey for the other group of moms is done.)


  1. I wonder if I get to take it being that I was a preschool teacher in my life before kids? Hmmm?

    1. If you are not currently a teacher, I think you're good to go.

  2. Although my SN kiddo is 17yo, I spread the word on social media as much as I could! Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. So i am a veterinarian with a special needs kid and don't qualify. Bull

  4. Hey I stop by every now and again and read your blog. I have a 9 year old son with needs but it easier just to say he has Autism. I also have 1 year old daughter. It took me that long to try for children again. I just wanted to say I appreciate your perspective and I enjoy the time I spend here. Best wishes! Ill be back to read again.

  5. I took the survey but I got a little stuck on the question whether I feel that having kids with sn in typical classrooms negatively impacts the learning environment in the classroom (that wasn't the actual question but something like that). This was a very difficult question. I tried to qualify my response as I have a 6 year old in a classromm with 32 kids. Just having that many kids has negatively impacted my child who does not have special needs. If there were kids with sn needs in his classroom, i do feel that would further take away time from the teacher that he needs. But the point is whether integrating is required or not.....tough issue.

  6. The survey oddly didn't seem to contemplate the possibility that one could have more than one SN child.

  7. Once again, Dad's perspective is actively ignored. Is this for "Mom's" magazine or "Parenting" magazine.


  8. I'm bummed that I can't take the survey bc I'm a teacher. Being a teacher AND a parent of a kid with special needs, isn't my imput just as valuable? I see first hand inclusion and self contained classes. It'd be nice to share my opinion. : (


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