Monday, March 5, 2012

My dad lives on every day

Tomorrow, it'll be a year since my dad died. I think of him every day, but not in a sad way anymore. I think of him when I honor the way he lived. 

First thing in the morning, and throughout the day, I walk by his old phone. Dad kept this one till the end. I have this little ritual of pausing for a minute by the phone, before the insanity of the day begins, and thinking about what I can do to make it a good day. 

In the morning, we all sprinkle chia seeds into our yogurt and oatmeal. My dad was into health food even before it became trendy. He was the one who first told me about flax seeds, and now chia seeds are the new flax seeds. He'd be so psyched we're eating them. (And when I down something evil, like Fettucine Alfredo, I get a bad case of dad guilt). 

Dad's old Singer sewing machine. Dad would have been thrilled if I took up sewing, but that's not gonna happen. It does make a great spot for photos of the kids and a wedding shot.

On weekends, we listen to the news on Dad's Westinghouse (I had it fixed up). My father was a newshound who read several newspapers a day and always had the news playing on the radio. I miss him telling me about stuff and getting newspaper clippings in the mail, but he's still keeping me in the know.

I stashed one of his pipes (he had quite the collection) in our kitchen pile o' stuff.  

My dad was into photography. I don't have time to make it a hobby, like he did. Every so often, though, I take a good photo and I think, Dad would have been proud. 


  1. Thinking of you today! I love seeing how you're using your dad's things...really so sweet. Xoxo

  2. He was such kind and quiet man. I also have furniture that my father "fixed up" ironically an old cabinet from the bungalow colony below ours...(down the hill from your bungalow) that he " borrowed " I also think of my father when the lights flicker. thinking he is around watching us. I think it is much harder loosing our parents when we are older, because we finally appreciate who they are. Every year gets alittle easier, less tears and more smiles. He would be very proud of you and what you do everyday. I think that alone keeps our Dads smiling.

  3. I lost my dad a few weeks ago, and I'm already beginning to think of things like that -- things he would have liked, things that would have driven him crazy, and things he'd be proud of passing along to the next generation(s). It's tough to lose a parent, but true that they are here with us, still.

  4. Ellen, tomorrow is the second anniversary of my mother's death. It's still so painful, but, I also am surrounded by the familiar things that remind me of my childhood and her life. You're in my thoughts.

  5. This is a wonderful and beautifully worded tribute to Daddy. Thank you for writing this. I think about him all the time and try to eat healthy and do other things that would make him happy.

  6. I think what you're doing is beautiful! Your father would be proud. And that Westinghouse is magnificent! How neat that you got it working and still use it. I'll bet your dad is loving that! :)

  7. That's awesome you have that Westinghouse.

    Growing up my Mom had this old upright Victrola and a bunch of records for it. We used to listen to it a lot, especially on stormy nights when the electricity went out.

    I really wish I had it now.

  8. Ellen, your Dad and my dad would have really liked each other, I know that.

    In about a week, on March 13th, it will be 2 years since my Dad died, and I too still think about him nearly daily. And yes, it changes as the years go on.

    Thinking of you, remembering how very hard it was for me last March, as year ONE without Dad came to an end. (And to add to the weight, my parents' anniversary is March 1st, Dad's birthday the 25th.)

    Sending cyber-hugs your way.


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