Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun with reading!

Sabrina likes reading to Max at night. It's one part sisterly love, one part show-off because she's very proud of herself for reading so well.

This is a beautiful thing. Except that when I'm reading to Max and getting him to sound out words, Sabrina likes to interject and say them herself: "Stop!" "Green!" "Purple!"

"Sabrina, let your brother read!" I'll say.

"OK," she'll say, sweetly. And then 5 minutes later, she's back again, reading for him.

Mostly, I'm glad they're both loving reading. For a long time, Max didn't seem so interested. Now I'm trying to expand his repertoire. He has a thing for a book called (what else) Max, about a superhero kid and his superhero family.

Another favorite: I'm Your Bus, which follows a bus throughout the day as it cheerfully chants "I'm your bus!" Max is partial to books with "Max" and talking buses. 

A few months ago, he inherited Sabrina's BOB Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers, and has lately gotten into them. They're simply illustrated, with just a few words on each page.

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  1. That is so cute how Sabrina likes to read to Max.

    I remember when he was very young, he used to love this book about a train, and the conductor's name was Sam, and every time we looked at the book, he would give Sam a kiss!!

  2. When I was Sabrina's age, I had a thing for those Weekly Reader books called "Sammy the Seal" and "Morris the Moose." There funny and cute and definitely easy to read. Have Sabrina and/or Max read those yet?

  3. Have you ever let him make his own book? and and our favorite, have provided us with all sorts of books, including E.'s favorites, "My friends" and "Stuff I do". I can see it now: "Max's Favorite Things- A book about Cars 2, Purple and Spaghetti".

    So excited for the reading and that your kids have such a great relationship.

  4. Does he have Harold and the Purple Crayon.

  5. Hubby and I learned to read in school with the "Dick and Jane" books. They are now available at Amazon. We recently purchased a set for our kids.

  6. Great that both kids love books and reading. No better love to teach than that of reading!!

  7. Erica, I totally agree. I was a serious reader as a kid. It's happy-making to see both kids getting into it.

    I LOVE the idea of letting Max make his own book—thank you for the links! That is a definite contender for a title, although he is now more into mac 'n cheese than spaghetti. Sabrina will be ecstatic about thi too!

    Suki, I have fond memories of Dick and Jane and Spot!

    Judy: That book, My Car, is still in Max's repertoire!

    And Morgan Fam: We have Harold and The Purple Crayon but for whatever reason, not such a fave

  8. Have you read him "Where The Wild Things Are," another Max book?

  9. Why don't you get Sabrina her own book to read that way she'll stop reading for Max. I'm glad to see both Sabrina and Max love reading!

  10. Superhero books are great for kids. We actually have a thing we do in therapy where we help kids to create their own superhero. Once the hero is created, we write a book together about the superhero. The kids love it and get to learn all sorts of valuable tools while doing it. Every kid needs a superhero to believe in.

    "The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself."

  11. I'm going to check out the Bob books because that's about where Malayna's at. I did find that there is an app for that! I put it on the iPad and Malayna seems to be enjoying it so I'll try the actual books next. Thanks!


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