Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could enjoy life this much?

We recently got the kids new swings. Sabrina's came from Toys 'R Us, it's the Little Tikes Cozy Swing and costs $24.99. We needed to get an adaptive one for Max that offers him more support and let me just say, some of those adaptive swings are INSANELY priced. We're talking $600 bucks insane. We found this one for the relative bargain price of $109.95 from Achievement Products.

This is the sound Max makes when he is bubbling over with bliss. To me, it is the best sound ever. (Second best sound: Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor.)

Of special note: See how nice and clean the ground to the left of Sabrina, inside the playset, looks? That is because it's where the poison ivy was, the one I valiantly blockheadedly cleaned out in short sleeves. I just had to point out the scene of the crime. I still have phantom itching.

BTW, thanks to you guys (and my relatives, I am sure), I am one of five finalists for Best Parenting Blog on Parents Connect! I'm proud, but especially proud to have been the only blog out of the 50 nominated about kids with special needs. I wish there were more of us in the mix, but I am glad I am there to represent us all. The voting is open until Sept 1, and you can do it daily. Feel free!


  1. I just wanted to say hi! I admittedly popped over just to check out the competition, and I have to tell you, I'm hooked! I started by reading Max's story, and I'm pretty sure I went through all three parts without taking a breath. (Made for a bit of lightheadedness to go along with the tears.) You have such a gift with words, and your story is truly inspirational.


  2. Love the swinging! My little one could spend hours swinging! It is the best! I love to hear his happy cheer!

  3. OMG that swing is awesome, and listening to the video I would have thought it was Daniel. He does that exact same squeal when he is lovin' something!

  4. I doubt my blog would ever win an award in a Parents thingie. I curse way too much.

    Cool swing. We need to get one too, and yeah, the prices of SN type stuff is nuts.

  5. Don't you just love a happy squeal! Button jumps up and down on one spot when he's excited - we call it "happy dancing" xx

  6. Such a great sound!

    Also, Sabrina is pumping beautifully. How great that she's able to coordinate all her muscles so instinctively. I have neurotypical kids that had a really hard time with that at her age.

  7. I love the happy sqeel as well. No greater sound, but of a childs delight! My grandson loves to try to skip, hop ect, they look all the same, but he sure is proud of it!
    Faythe @GrammyMousetails

  8. Thanks, Kristy! Headed over to check YOU out! :)

    Swinging really is the most awesome simple activity around. Sometimes, when we're at the park, I'll get on a swing next to Sabrina and swing along with her. It's totally relaxing.

    And Staying Afloat, I love that you noticed Sabrina's pumping abilities!!! She is pretty good at it.

    Blogzilly: Your potty mouth is part of your charm. :)

  9. Hi Ellen

    First of all, love the swings! The kids are so cute!

    Secondly - it is no Parent's Connect, but I've given you the "A Blog With Substance" award. To get a copy of the award read my post

    Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  10. Max swinging is wonderful!

    I he ready to learn to climb into the swing seat? I'm thinking a small step might help - ? ? ;)


  11. Keira Beth, thank you. That means more to me than the Parents Connect award, actually.

    Barbara: Most excellent idea, as always. I will get a step, hadn't thought of that. It's worth a try.

  12. This is SO AWESOME! Looks like both the kids are having a blast! Connor is a big fan of swinging too-- hence the one in his room. It rains too much here for us to get any real use out of an outdoor swing in our yard, so we go to the playground in the summer months. We get a similar noise out of him, only higher pitched-- I swear the kid could break glass. Max and Connor swinging together would be interesting on the ears!

    Thanks for posting this-- it made my day!


  13. I LOVE this video! I had an ear to ear grin the entire time I watched it. That looks like a great swing!

  14. You sound as thrilled as Max, as well you should! Those two will have a lot of fun on those swings!

    Let me go vote, early and often as they say!

  15. I never believe it when anyone says anything good about me.


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