Sunday, July 4, 2010

May the Fourth be with you...and, vote?

We're back from a glorious week at the Jersey shore, I have a gazillion photos to download. Thanks again to Sarah and Janis for guest-posting while I was gone. And, yes, you saw it here first, the kids got to meet Bugs and Daffy. More on that later.

Dave and Sabrina just went off to do a local bike race, and this afternoon we're having friends over for a BBQ. While we were on vacation, Max become the new World Hot Dog Eating Champion. The kid can down three at once. We'll see if he can top his record today.

While I was gone, I got nominated for a 2010 BlogLuxe award! The voting's quick, if you're game, just click the button at right.

What are you doing today?

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  1. WoW! That was quick, For those who haven't voted yet...scroll down to most inspiring, that is where Ellen is. Good luck, and i'm amazed that Max can down 3 dogs. Hailey has a swallow issue, she eats tiny bits slowly, but at least she didn't come home with the feeding tube that they wanted her to. A couple of nurses in the nicu suggested that sometimes kids thrive at home without them and she was lucky enough to!


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