Friday, July 23, 2010

The sun, a sprinkler and a whole lot of joy

Does it ever amaze you
how good it feels
to see your child so excited
by the simplest of things?


  1. those moments keep me going!!

  2. Ha ha...the sprinkler! That's the economizer's water park! We've been going to the "water park" alot on these humid days!!!

  3. Yes! My daughter is fascinated with some of the tall grasses that grow along the sidewalk near our house. They tickle when you walk past them, so she calls them "tickle grass."

    great picture.

  4. Oh to have sprinklers moments everyday. Thanks. sg-KS

  5. its posts like these that make my day! your the only blog i actually read regularly. my daughter saw his picture and she said "yay max! water!" we all have fun when he does!

  6. I still love sprinklers!

    I remember one day when I took my son Max for a walk to the park in the morning and on the way home it started to get very hot. Max was drooping and whiny. He wanted me to carry him but it was too far.

    Then Max spotted a sprinkler in somebody's yard and got excited, and I thought, "What the hell!"

    We ended up running through ALL the sprinklers in people's yards on the way home.

    I'm sure it looked silly, but it turned what could have been a miserable walk home into fun time for both of us.

  7. We have also been having a lot of summer fun!! We have to take advantage while it lasts!

    I spent quite a lot of time on your blog the other night. I knew the general story behind Max' CP, but I finally read all the posts. What an ordeal, to say the least. It is obvious that you have done what you set out to him live his life to the fullest. Oh how far you guys have come!!

    So many of your posts ring true to me. In fact, I posted one on my blog last month (Why moms of special needs kids rock!). There was another one you posted recently...about things all special needs mamas have in common. Anyway I totally related to the one about trying to have the patience of a saint, and then sometimes you don't, then you feel the mom guilt x100.

    My son Graham is 2.5 years and is missing a small bit of his 18th chromosome (18q deletion syndrome). He has general delays and wears glasses, hearing aids, and orthotics. He also has severe food allergies. However, overall he is doing great.

    Longest comment ever!

    The End.

  8. Great Picture....Having a speacial needs kid teaches you to appreciate what others think are the little things...:) Your son is so handsome!

  9. Every single day Emmett reminds me how magical the world can be!


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