Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recharge me, please

Cameras operate on batteries. Lots of toys operate on batteries. Parents operate on batteries...or so it seems. We just keep powering along all day, every day, 365 days a year. But when you're the parent of a kid with special needs, you get the extra-durable kind of batteries inside you. Because there is so much more we have to do for our kids.

I've got batteries on the brain because the Energizer people have partnered with An Island Life and Barefoot Mommies to offer a $2000 sponsorship to BlogHer; you're supposed to explain why you'd be a good Energizer Smart ChargHER. Let me just say, I think I have enough energy to fuel a small country, like other parents of kids with special needs. I'd happily putter around BlogHer powered by Energizer.

Sometimes, I compare myself to other moms I know who work and have kids. I see how busy, busy, busy they are—juggling their kids, their husbands, their jobs, their homes and their own well-being. I do all that, too (except I'm not so good at the taking-care-of-me part). And then I have the therapists to work with, the specialists, the doctors, the special equipment, the special needs. Last night, I spent close to an hour online looking around for an adaptive angled spoon that would be easy for my little boy to hold and scoop food with (the cerebral palsy affects his hand control). A seemingly small thing, but so significant to helping Max achieve independence with eating.

On most days, I am fully juiced up. Max gives me energy: Because he's such a sunny, determined kid and because whenever he accomplishes something, I get a charge. Today, we stood in our backyard and counted the big trees. Max counted up to five, the first time I've heard him do that. I was ecstatic. I did a happy dance.

On days when my batteries drain—either because I'm wiped out or because I'm feeling a little discouraged about Max's progress or my own abilities as a parent—I need to recharge asap. I have to be on for Max. Iced coffee helps. Calling a friend I haven't spoken with in a while does, too. Or I'll hop in the car and cruise around for a half hour, jazz music on. Presto! Batteries recharged.

What recharges you on days when you're drained?


  1. Awesome post! I so get you on needing to recharge frequently. Guilty!

  2. Be by myself...even for 10 minutes. Sometimes I just HAVE to be totally alone! x

  3. I am all about the frappuccinos, sister! Hey, when you find an angled adaptive spoon site, can you pass it along? That is a great idea!

  4. Ellen, didn't know if you have seen this spoon, I don't really think it worked that great for Hailey but I know a couple other C.P. moms that really like it. What has worked o.k. for Hailey are weighted handles, she seems to have more control over these. Good luck on your search, and if you find something good, would love to hear about it. Thanks

  5. Brenda: I do Fraps when I'm truly deseprate.:)

    This is the fork and spoon I finally got:

    Janet: So funny, that's what we currently use! We have one that's purple and blue that is on its last leg but of COURSE, Max only wants to use that one. Praying he will use a white spoon, or that I can color it purple!

  6. Ellen, get some purple plastic tape (3M makes it) and wrap that offensive white handle with it!

  7. Recharging is definitely necessary! For me, alone time does it.


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