Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This kid's got imagination

Here's what Max looked like when I walked in the door from work last night. I couldn't help it, I laughed and laughed, he was so adorably fab in his camo pj's, pirate's hat and shades. He wanted to sleep with the sunglasses on but I refused (and I will refrain from making a joke about that so-called song, "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night.")

Max has gotten very imaginative lately, something that's always sorta-kinda been there but has really kicked in. He walks around with a toy phone and pretends to take pictures of things. He swoops his plastic plane around and "flies" it. He loves to play monster and catch me, Dave or Sabrina. He bends over, swings an arm and makes like an elephant. He hasn't yet gotten the hang of the "hide" part of Hide and Seek (he stands in the middle of the living room and puts an arm over his eyes) but, hey, maybe he's playing the existential version of the game, what do I know.

What I can say is that imagination like this is a good sign that all sorts of wheels are spinning in his brain. Go to it, my sweet soldier-pirate-hipster boy.


  1. Hello, I stumbled across your site and was compelled to leave a comment. I saw your blog on "Class of 2008" blogroll and thought \, "Hmmm, cute blog name"... then I opened my email to see my "5 min for special needs" and lo and behold, you wrote a post. So, here I am in your blog. I am the mother of three children, two boys and one precious little girl who has an extra chromosome.

    My daughter just turned 18 months old and I have been thinking about returning to her NICU where she spent two weeks and letting the nurses know how wonderful our lives are. They were fabulous when we were nervous and fearful. Thanks for the reminder, I will make a date on my calendar to go say "hello" and "thank you".

    BTW, LOVE the pirate look. My 5 year old is a big fan of all things pirate.

  2. I would say imagination and style! So, who did he inherit his fashion sense from?

  3. That is a fantastic outfit. Evidently Max understands the importance of sensitive handsome pirate movie star military men. Watch out-- it sounds like he's emulating those guys in romance novels. All he needs now is a billion dollars and much, much longer hair.

    While Connor isn't quite ready to start playing "pretend" yet, he has come up with some, um, interesting outfits when I let him choose his own clothes. I think he picks them based on texture rather than color coordination. Either that, or he got his fashion sense from his dad, who believes that shorts and tennis shoes are appropriate for any weather, even if it is 20 degrees outside and snowing.

    By the way, I saw you stopped by my blog the other day and left me a message-- thanks. :)


  4. Like the shades Max, and the hat...

  5. I used to dress like this in high school!! I think he looks really chic!!

  6. Boys and their 'Styles'....Gotta Love Them!

    I hope you're having a Great Day....I think of you & Max often!

  7. Very cute indeed!! He looking at you like "What? this is a cool outfit..whats the problem!?!"

    Very good imagination forever...don't you love when the are doing age appropriate stuff!!

  8. the pirate look is absolutely adorable. Too cute max! I just love to watch kids grow, and develop, and use their imaginations. I work at a daycare teaching preschool, and that's one of my favorite parts of the job!

  9. I love it! We have PJ day coming up at school soon and I just might steal that costume idea!

  10. Funny you say that he "has been there", because I said those words to Mike last night regarding Jude. He is only 5 months but he does things other babies do .... just delayed. Each time he complete a new task like a .......... giggle.... (last night) I exclaim that's normal!!! Right now it's like Jude is 2 months delayed so I am wondering how this will equate in months or years when he gets older. I love the pirate hat, and the shades....too cool!

  11. * Jeanette: What's a "Class of 2008" blogroll? That would make me 22 years old. I'll take that!
    * Sue: He clearly did not inherit his fashion sense from me. I am best described as J. Crew meets, um, J. Crew.
    * Jess: Connor's dad and Dave clearly went to the same Daddy School, because Dave also likes to wear shorts in winter! And are you saying Max is the next Fabio? That could be interesting.
    * Rich: Thanks for the approval!
    * Lyla: I believe you still dress like this.
    * Melanie and Jenn: Yeah, I love it when Max does stuff that's just every-kid stuff. Jenn, you sound exactly like I did when Max was Jude's age. There is just no way of knowing how delays in infancy translate to delays as kids get older. Honestly, I have stopped wondering what "age" Max is developmentally. I know that may seem hard for you to believe right now, but I have. I just pay attention to what he's doing, and don't worry about the age/numbers thing.

  12. Too cute for words!

  13. It's a great look! He makes a super pirate!

    Imaginative play is so wonderful to watch, isn't it? Our house is often a shop. I am constantly having to pay BC for things that he takes out of the cupboard. Once of his first 3 word sentences was 'Here you go'. I guess he's picked that up from shopping!

  14. This is adorable! You are so right about imaginative play - It's huge! Max is such a cutie!


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