Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day to you

Dave and I capped off the three-day weekend by going to a movie last night. It's something we often do at the end of a vacation, a last hurrah to stretch it out a few more hours. We finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire, and it was engrossing from start to finish. That said, it revolves around some pretty depressing material, and in the end it disturbed me more than it moved me (and usually, as I've mentioned, I love crying at movies). The film was directed by Danny Boyle, who also did Trainspotting, another very uplifting film. Slumdog's worth seeing on the big screen, if you can.

As much as I enjoyed having a long weekend, I couldn't wait for today to come. I'm feeling mildly Cinderella-like since a bunch of coworkers and friends are in Washington, D.C. and I am not. Mostly, I'm beyond excited, so much so that I had trouble sleeping last night. To me, this inauguration—with its "A New Birth of Freedom" theme—also feels like a rebirth of hope and optimism.

I wish Max could understand what's going on. Sabrina's a little too young. Still, I'm going to record the ceremony and talk about it with them when I get home from work. Even if they don't really get it, they'll get my excitement and hopefully remember this day.

And how are you feeling today?


  1. I'm ecstatic. Giddy with anticipation. Wearing a red sweater with a blue glass bead necklace. I, too, will be forcing Noah to watch it online tonight, and talking about it with him. I am dreading trying to get 28 10 year olds interested, or at least quiet.
    Great day!

  2. Regardless of whether you voted for Obama or not, you have to feel like today is a very special day for our country. It is a fresh start for a new president, who hopefully will bring about some significant changes for the better.

  3. I'm fine. I'm hopeful about what he and Biden might do for things like healthcare for the disabled. I'm not pinning my hopes on anything, though. It's difficult to get anything done even when you are the president.

  4. Well said, Katy. I got to watch the inauguration at work, and while I thought Obama was amazingly eloquent and inspiring, as he was speaking I kept thinking, whoa, you have a L-O-T to deal with (understatement alert). I pray that our new president will succeed in making significant changes.

  5. Even from my distant land I was very excited about this day. I know quite a few people who got up at 4am to watch it all on TV!

    I thought the speech was great and the crowds were very telling about how just how special the day was, and just how needed change is.

    No doubt there are big challenges ahead, but here's hoping the change will all be in the right direction.


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