Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sablog: a "blog" by Sabrina, age 4 (today!)

On the day we took her home from the hospital

So, what would you like to tell everyone?
Sabrina: "I saw the snow today. I saw it outside. And Max was watching it too. And then, um, and then, um, it got nighttime, and then I took a bath and then, um, I put on my pajamas. And that's it!"
And what day is today?
Sabrina: "My birthday!"
And how old are you?
Sabrina: "I'm 4."
And what were you like when you were a baby?
Sabrina: "I was in your belly. Then I came out and drank milk. And I liked my hacibier." [Translation: pacifier]
And what was the favorite thing you got for your birthday?
Sabrina: "A present."
Ok. And which one did you like best?
Sabrina: "Um, um, the Cinderella one. The doll."
So you like princesses?
Sabrina: "Yeah."
How much?
Sabrina: "Lots."
Does Max like princesses?
Sabrina: "No."
Why not?
Sabrina: "Because he's a boy."
Boys can like princesses!
Sabrina: "No, they can't, because they're a boy."
What does Max like?
Sabrina: "Cars. Race cars."
OK, back to you. What's your favorite color?
Sabrina: "Pink. I love pink."
What's your favorite food?
Sabrina: "Um, um, macaroni and cheese."
Are you going to share your birthday presents with Max?
Sabrina: "They're only for me. Because they have some pink on it. But he can share sometimes with me if he WANTS to."
And does he want to?
Sabrina: "No thanks. That's all the questions. I want to stop doing this."
OK. Happy birthday, my little love.


  1. I love the Sablogs!! Always very cute.

    Happy Birthday Sabrina!!!!! Hope you have a very special day!!

    Wish I was there to play in the snow instead of sweltering in ridiculous heat!!


  2. Happy Birthday Sabrina. Great talking!

  3. Happy Birthday Sabrina!!!!

    I hope it is a Great Day!

    (Don't they just groe up too fast?)

  4. Oh yes, that is vintage Sabrina. She is all about pink and princesses. I love hanging out with her - you never know what's going to come out of her mouth!!! And, when she wants to be, she is a very good sister to Max.

  5. What a wonderful interview!

  6. Aaaw! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  7. what a cutie! Well Happy Birthday Sabrina!

  8. Oh Happy Day! Happy Birthday Sabrina!

  9. Sabrina thanks all of you for the birthday wishes, and sends hugs and much pinkness to all of you.

  10. That is so darn cute I can't even stand it!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Sabrina. Sorry I'm a little late.

    Love the picture, AND the conversation!


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