Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's all help a girl with big dreams

A beautiful girl at Max's school, Liliana, entered a contest at the modeling school she attends. The winner gets to walk the catwalk in Vegas—and as she says, "I would be the first person in a wheelchair to make it through!" Check out her YouTube video, the person with the most clicks wins.

Oh, and belated thanks to Rob over at Fighting Monsters With Rubber Swords for the guest-post opportunity. I am in awe of his blog, and was proud to be on it. This is his amazing little girl, Schuyler.


  1. While I was trying to leave a comment on the last post, you updated!

    Max's outfit is aweseome and I'm always a little wistful at the way kids just put their favorite stuff together and then they become adults and the whole thing gets less fun.

    Can't wait to see Max's friend.


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