Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Escape to Los Angeles

Sabrina is doing a summer program at the University of California in San Diego for a few weeks, and Dave ended up taking her and Max to Los Angeles for a week before he dropped her off. Max felt it the trip his right, given that he refers to L.A. as his "home" (he calls our actual house his "vacation home"). The messages I've gotten throughout the week have been rather awesome:

"We got to Los Angeles and Max keeps kissing me as he is so happy."

"We are in the Airbnb and Max is loading dishes into the dishwasher because he says it's his home."

"Mommy, this is where my birthday party will be! In Beverly Hills!"

"Mommy, Ben needs to come here."

"Mommy, why do we live in New Jersey?"

"Mommy I am very so happy."

Another awesome phone call came from Sabrina. As background info, Dave has taken to wearing a phone headset all of the time except for showering and sleeping. It's like living with a telemarketer (no offense, telemarketers). When Dave took Max and Sabrina to Disneyland, I got a call from Sabrina soon after they arrived. "Mommy! People think Daddy works here because of his headset!" Knowing Dave, I'm sure he gave them directions. Or Max did.

As usual, they enjoyed traveling and Max got to see some new fire stations. But they were likely just as happy to be away from our house (er, our vacation house) and apart from the rest of our family after 15 months of extreme togetherness. 

Wishing you and your family extreme summer happiness! 

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  1. Thank you for this uplifting post. You’ve shared so many times how much LA means to Max and glad he got to visit it! His text messages were great and the one where he said "Mommy I am very so happy." in particular made me teary eyed. Yay for Max!


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