Monday, May 18, 2020

We all deserve birthday cake any day, says Max

"Aileen is bringing over a birthday cake," says Dave. "Ice-cream, I think."

He mentioned this over the weekend. None of my kids have birthdays in May, so I was a little stumped by why our babysitter as dropping off a cake.

Turns out that Aileen had texted Dave to see if we needed anything—she is one of the sweeter people in the world and has occasionally dropped off home-cooked food for us. Dave asked Max what his favorite food is.

"Birthday cake!" he announced.

So Dave told that to Aileen. And she decided she was going to bring Max birthday cake, and the next thing you know, there was a lovely ice-cream cake sitting on our front porch. Vanilla and chocolate with crunchies.

My kids have been bummed that we aren't going out for ice-cream. We surprised them with the cake last night, and it was an awesome burst of bliss. Ice-cream cake just because! And why not? If this pandemic has made me aware of anything (besides HOW LOUD MY FAMILY IS), it's to be grateful for the days we have on this earth. Life is definitely something to celebrate with your children right now.

I also felt grateful for our babysitter/cake fairy. 

Max grinned as he downed his cake. 

"It's not my birthday!" he noted.

"Yep, we're just enjoying yummy ice-cream cake," I said. "Aileen was so nice to get it for us, she heard it was your favorite food."

Max agreed.

Our cake fairy has a good sense of humor.


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