Friday, May 22, 2020

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Better late than....

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  1. HI. Welcome to 22 May 2020's edition of the Link-up.

    I am responsible for links 13-32.

    The thirteenth link is about Mateo's third birthday and his love for superheroes and dinosaurs.

    The fourteenth link I discovered from the Facebook of the Thinking Persons' Guide to Autism. I had read endeavor*s posts since about late Noember 2019-early January of this year and can tell you they are good people. The post reminded me of Autistifying my Habitat by Neurodivergent K.

    The fifteenth post is an article by Dana McC (she writes for Nine Publishing) about a gentleman called David who had diabetes and lived with schizophrenia. WHen his sister and niece checked up on him...

    c Gunn (@catfownunder In the Twitter world - for #blogshare purposes) wrote a lot of great posts which touch on disability in some way - like community care and senior citizens and clothes alteration and everyday access.

    Gunn has also lots of children's literature friends and folks. The recent posts have lots of great characters and authors. Ferdinand the bull could be considered Neurodivergent - we know that he is a highly sensitive bull. Also Lisette the duck who found the socks. and Nicola Morgan asks kids and students and teachers why they read. She receives honest and diverse answers.

    I came to read a magazine called Byline Times. I think it was from Margot's Not yet dead post. One is by Stephen Unwin the theatre director and another writes about an anthology by GLD Brits. The editor is Black and Minority Ethnic and her sister is Raana. Raana is really cool.

    Sadly none of the other articles would come up which I really wanted to read.

    At the beginning of May Neurodizzy published a What to say instead post. Hopefully it will help you be more mindful about your tongue, your fingers and the air you breathe.

    A great blogger - Diary of an Alien - has returned to the scene in I WANT TO START BLOGGING AGAIN.

  2. OH - and isn't it brilliant that Liebowitz is a sensitivity reader?

    $200US for 50,000 words I seem to recall from reading the website. Quickly multiplied it by 10 - may be a fair negotiation.

    Also their articles and public speaking are well-covered. Including the ones for THE BODY IS NOT AN APOLOGY and TEACHING TOLERANCE...


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