Monday, May 4, 2020

Riding the pandemic away

"Mask!" Max says.

He's asking me to put one on him, so he can go outside and ride his bike. I hook the elastic pieces over his ears, slip one on over his nose and mouth and walk him outside. In the garage, I strap on his helmet, help give him a hand with straddling the bike and he's off. 

Max has had this bike for more than eight years now, a Triaid TMX. He was the beneficiary of a good deed project through the Friendship Circle. Next to the gait trainers that helped him learn to walk, this bike been the best piece of adaptive equipment he's ever had and it's grown with him. Last year, he used his bike to help Ben learn how to ride one. This year, we got it tuned up and it's keeping him happy and calm during the pandemic. 

I am beyond grateful. One of my biggest anxieties when this whole thing started was how we'd keep Max occupied other than with TV and YouTube fire station videos, which he would gladly watch for hours on end. But Max has figured out how to keep himself occupied, a true sign of maturity—and it's really good for him, too.

Out of all of us, Max has been getting the most exercise in the seven weeks that we've quarantined. He rides up and down our block for hours at a time, expertly making turns in our driveway. He goes out for rides when it's chilly and even when it drizzles. Sometimes, he and Dave cruise around the neighborhood and on occasion, Ben comes along.  

Dave or I sit on our porch, keeping an eye on him. We have one of those "kid alert" signs we prop in the street for cars, although few come around these days. When people walk by, Max steers clear, social distancing like a pro. 

Ride, Max. Ride. 

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  1. It's so nice that the bike can grow with him. That's amazing! I'd like a bike like that myself. Great job on the social distancing, Max! You are doing your part in helping.


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