Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Summer camps for kids and teens with disabilities

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous. Ben rode his bike, Max chilled on our front porch and I started thinking about summer camp. Here's a list of summer camps for kids and teens with disabilities, including day programs and sleepaway camp. Feel free to add any you know of in the comments!

Very Special Camps lists camps and programs for people with special needs around the country; you can browse by disability or by state.

KidsCamps.com also lists camps by state, and specifies the types of disabilities accommodated.

My Summer Camps lists camps by disability, which you can then filter by state.

Easter Seals Disability Services has 30 accessible camps around the country—for adults, too.

Federation for Children with Special Needs lists camps for kids with special needs by disability.

Cristo Vive International provides Christ-based camp programs for children with disabilities around the world; there are a few locations in this country.

Serious Fun Children's Network is a global community of 30 camps and programs for seriously ill children, founded by Paul Newman. Some accept children with cerebral palsy; Max has been to the Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY.

One Happy Camper lets you search for Jewish camps with inclusive programs. Ones I can vouch for: Yachad's summer program (in NJ) and the Ramah Tikvah program (in NY, PA, MA, GA, CO, WI, CA and Canada and more), which are both inclusionary. I have also heard good things about Camp HASC in Parksville, NY, which follows IEPs.

Check your local Kiwanis Club, as the group has some camps for children with disabilities.

A couple of notable camps for children and teens with special needs in the tri-state area, my neck of the woods: Southampton Fresh Air Home in Southampton, NY; Elks Camp Moore in Haskell, NJ; Camp Fatima in Harrison, NJ; and the Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children in Avalon, NJ. Victory Junction, in Randleman, North Carolina, a camp for kids with serious illnesses, offers a week for campers with cerebral palsy in early June.

Image: Flickr/Kris Krug


  1. Speaking of which, we should all be looking forward later this month to the premier of "Crip Camp" on Netflix. It's about a summer camp for people with disabilities in the early '70s that in a way helped forge networks that powered the disability rights movement.

    1. YOU BET! I wrote about it in early February, really looking forward to seeing!


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