Monday, January 28, 2019

This is fourteen

Fourteen is...
...THE best big sister
...THE best little sister
...a great friend to many
...she-shoots-she-scores captain of the basketball team, determined on the cross-country track, fierce on the lacrosse field
...taller than your mom
...assuming you know better than your mom (I'm not even gonna argue with you)
...curious about the world
...sometimes sweet
...sometimes sarcastic
...doing volunteer work not just because you should but because you care, shopping, shopping (did I mention shopping)?
...genuinely responsible about doing homework
...professional morning dawdler
...crazy for sushi
...prone to busting out dance moves just because
...just as stubborn as I can be, and that's saying a lot
...actually cleaning up your room because, you said, "it relaxes you" (OMGEEEEE)
...staying up way too late
...facial mask maniac
...chilling in the saucer chair in your room and reading
...critiquing your mom's wardrobe, weight and basically everything but I love you no matter what
...master of the selfies
...redecorating your room and moving the most giant desk by yourself and how exactly did you do that?!
...pushing limits
...pushing more limits
...pushing All The Limits
...a perfectionist about school projects
...more skilled with a flat-iron than I'll ever be
...still cute enough to love Shirley Temples
...still freckled
...still my best girl.

Fourteen is you today. Happy Birthday, Sabrina. We love you.


  1. happy birthday sabrina love from the ukxx

  2. Love that Sabrina! Watching her grow up has been such a joy.

  3. Such a truly amazing girl!! She is everything you said and then some!!! We are so lucky to have her in our lives - a true shining star and the very best granddaughter, cousin and niece. With all our love - Babba, Judy, Margo and Steve

  4. Happy Bday Sabrina! You are WONDERFUL!

  5. Happy birthday, Sabrina!!! Part of me will always think of you as the adorable little kid in the red bathing suit with the big yellow flower and a sun hat on top of your curls, but you have clearly grown into a beautiful young lady. I know how proud your mom is of you and I know you get a lot of your strength and smarts from her. Happy 14th Birthday!

  6. The best birthday post ever!! Happy birthday!! Sabrina and Emma has so much in common!!

  7. Ellen....
    I did not realize that Sabrina's birthday was so close to mine!! I just turned 35 on Friday, January 25th!! Cheers to a fellow Aquarius!! Happy, happy, happy birthday, Sabrina!! Here's to many, many, many more!! :)
    Peace out, Mary Lou

  8. Happy Birthday Sabrina. Stay amazing!


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