Thursday, January 31, 2019

Meet the first superhero with cerebral palsy

Farida Bedwei, an IT entrepreneur with cerebral palsy who lives in Ghana, had no heroes with disabilities to look up to back when she was a comic-loving kid. So she created Karmzah, a comic about a superhero with CP. By day, Morowa Adjei is an archaeologist—but her walking aids transform her into Karmzah, who has the power to fight the bad guys, flip 'em over and run and fly, too.

Karmzah launched last October, on World Cerebral Palsy Day. I missed the debut but my web pal Lauren shared about it yesterday. Besides inspiring and encouraging children with with CP, Farida also hopes to make the condition seem normal. Which, of course, it is—there is a wide range of abilities in this world, and CP is part of that spectrum.

Karmzah joins a select group of superheroes with disabilities that include Professor X of the X-men, who uses a wheelchair; Hawkeye of The Avengers, who is deaf; and Daredevil, who is blind. Karmzah can be seen on the Afrocomix App on Google Play. I haven't been able to watch because I'm not on Android, so if you can see it, tell us about it! Listen to Farida explain:

Image of Karmzah: Farida Bedwei


  1. Ellen....
    Wait. What? Hawkeye is deaf?! But he can hear perfectly well in the movies!! Hmmm…. God bless the late Stan Lee for creating both Hawkeye—and Professor X—as comic book superheroes who have disabilities!! :)
    Karmzah sounds incredibly awesome!! I love that this character not only has disabilities, but she is also a woman of color!! :-D
    Peace out, Mary Lou

  2. This is nice. It will help kids with disabilities believe in themselves some more. I would love to see it.

  3. Love this...,great for children and alot of adults as well.People with disabilites are usually brighter than we so called normal people.Bless us all


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