Thursday, October 12, 2017

This is two

Two is attempting to climb on top of/into/onto whatever you can: our dining room chairs, the kitchen table, the sofa, the hallway bench, the piano bench, our stairs, the drawers in the kitchen.

Two is your favorite word being "No!" and your second favorite words being "No way!"

Two is doing laps around the first floor before bedtime, when you are wired.

Two is the adorable way you flap your arms when you run.

Two is being fascinated by buckles of all kinds, bubbles, shadows, childproof locks, doors, cabinets and above all, our powder room toilet.

Two is chucking everything you can get your hands on into the toilet (toy cars, papers, blocks, food and once, your sister's phone).

Two is chucking things into our fireplace and your playpen, too.

Two is refusing to lie down on the changing table.

Two is those curls that pop up on either side of your head.

Two is giving people that cautious look because you get shy.

Two is loving ketchup more than the food itself.

Two is waking up at 5:00 in the morning and then, as you lie in bed next to me, kicking, tossing and turning and trying to put your fingers up my nose, then grinning at me in the dark.

Two is going to sleep with your favorite toy and your bunny.

Two is  singing the tune to the alphabet song but just saying "E I E O I" from Old MacDonald.

Two is pushing my hand away when I try to help feed you because you want to do it yourself.

Two is still looking like a baby when you sleep.

Two is fretting in the car until I reach my hand behind from the passenger seat to hold yours.

Two is reading and rereading your favorite books at bedtime: Trains, Freight Train, Trucks, Ten Little Ladybugs, Goodnight Moon and that one about children around the world.

Two is testing limits: taking a nip or smacking one of us, then kissing us because you know you've done wrong.

Two is calling Grandpa Michael "Gurkle."

Two is sucking your thumb when you feel pensive, tired or upset.

Two is regularly eating your body weight in Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Cheerios.

Two is attempting to see how many Goldfish and Cheerios you can stick into the slots in your sandals.

Two is being obsessed with choo-choos, trucks and busses.

Two is solemnly saying "Bye, Mommy!" when I leave for work in the morning.

Two is running into my arms when I walk in the door at night and saying "Hi, Mommy!"

Two is holding my cheeks with both your hands when you kiss me.

Two is adoring your big brother...

...and adoring your big sister, too.

Two is pointing out "eyes!" and "nose" and "boobies!" (Mine.)

Two is saying "Uh-oh!" when something falls and "Ewww, doodie!" when you poop.

Two is attempting to brush your teeth but mostly just sucking on the toothbrush. 

Two is shooting hoops in sports shorts that are too big for you.

Two is calling school "cool" and not crying anymore when you go, since you are very excited that they serve cookies there and have a sandbox and bubble machine.

Two is jumping up and down because you've realized you can.

Two is recognizing logos, like saying "Bottie!" (your word for a bottle of milk) when we pass by Starbucks and saying "Big truck!" when you spot the UPS logo.

Two is finding opening and closing the bread basket drawer endlessly fascinating.

Two is asking "What's that?" about everything.

Two is climbing up the slide.

Two is climbing on Daddy when he takes a nap.

Two is repeated trips to the zoo, your happy place.

Two is noticing the letter "b" in books, on boxes and in signs.

Two is announcing "dark!" when night falls.

Two is wanting to eat what's on everyone else's plate.

Two is your little belly that sticks out.

Two is adorable, delicious, sweet, naughty, exciting, fascinating, fun, nonstop.

Two is you today. Happy Birthday, little love.


  1. OMG!!! Too cute for words! Happy birthday, Ben!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ben!

  3. He is so handsome! Happy birthday!


  4. Happy Birthday to our wonderful "little mister"!!! We love you!!! You are the cutest and always put a smile on our faces.


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