Friday, October 27, 2017

The Disability Blogger Link-up: It's here for you

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Like this: Love That Max: Why it's GOOD to talk about our children's differences

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  1. Posts #22 - #25 are all my work from the 20th to the 27th.

    #25 is about the Horrible Cernettes, a high-energy doo-wop band who were responsible for the very first picture of a band on the World Wide Web. My favourite songs from them are Antiworld; Collider and In Daddy's Lab.

    I also pick pairs of songs which mean things like travel; dreams and the contrast between the past and the present.

    #24 is my #wordlesswednesday post with three drawings about animals; plants; people. I was watching a TV show where there was a lot of water balloons in a prank war. I know from my own experiences that water balloons and other balloons never come out well, especially when it comes to flour or blood.

    #23 is about the book Be You Tiful Love Sofia. The Sofia is Sofia Sanchez. She is eight years old and wrote a book with Margaret o'Hair.

    #22 - you may have seen this post under "47-chromosome masterclass in valuing yourself and changing your world". This is directly based on Amy Silverman's 16 October 2017 post regarding an open letter to high schoolers. I felt that it represented so many of the values I would have liked to have been exposed to and taken on board. And what we can learn in terms of self-value and self-effiacy and enthusiastic consent. In the face of all the nos and the existential threats and risks people are under every day, enthusiastic consent still exists. This is how I preserve and value it.

    It's probably the post I'm proudest of and is probably the most controversial. [Don't backlash; don't backtrack!]

    I think at this stage of #31for21 everyone is letting it loose and hanging it out.

    And I think in at least one of these posts - can anyone spot the Love that Max shoutout/mention?

  2. Post #30 is the result of our endeavor Otsimo, a free educational game application for children with autism. We've built Otsimo for my best friend's young brother at first. Then after he liked the games and learnt a lot about colors, letters and numbers; we decided to make it public to all others. All of your comments and feedback are welcomed. I hope you like it.


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