Friday, October 6, 2017

The Disability Blogger Weekend Link-up: Show us what you've got!

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Like this: Will he be the driven one, or the driver?

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  1. 9 to 12 are posts from Halfway up Rysy Peak.

    I'll take the first one first: it is about the revival of CHESS and a new film called THE GRANDMASTER which is about Maya Freeman, an autistic tween/teen who wants to be the youngest Grandmaster in chess.

    "Why it's geopolitically incorrect to take orphanage selfies" shows 10 reasons why you shouldn't take orphanage selfies.

    Poetry and Connections quotes and cites a lot of Trisomy 21 poets like Peter Rowe from Queensland and Jan who is in Rosemary Crossley's Speechless.

    Hits and Memories and Nobelium was written in celebration of Kazuo Ishiguro winning the Nobel Prize for Literature and #WorldCPDay which was the 6th October 2017 this year.

    About other people's work: I am excited about "Rocking Oktoberfest with Kids" and "I don't care if the future is computers - my kids are going to work".

    Teal pumpkins are awesome too, and I would like to read more about what Special Education Mom thinks about *compliance*.

    And that "Wonder" film...


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