Friday, March 17, 2017

The Special Needs Blogger Weekend Link-up: Post, read, rinse, repeat

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  1. In my post this week I'm sharing an interview I did with an IEP Advocate, Dr. Shannon Bellezza. If you've ever wondered what an IEP Advocate does and how one might help your family, I hope you'll drop by to read and ask Dr. Bellezza questions in the comments!

  2. Thank you for this venue! This piece was picked up on Huffington Post politics!

  3. Hi, I am a mum of a 7 year old boy (light of my life). I thought I accepted and understood his condition, but recently attended an appointment and have never felt so confused and am hoping some one can help. My son has permanent brain damage and effected his lower body severely he can not walk or stand with equipment, his upper body strength isn't to good, his hands and arm are pretty weak but not to bad. My son is extremely stiff and has pretty bad diatonic movement out consultant from birth and the whole developmental team have said there is no treatment to help him improve with day to day life, and have given us just pain relief to help with the new pain that has just began. 2 days ago we were seen by a team in st Thomas hospital and was shocked to learn that the actual care plan that my son was given by his current consultant is the actual cause of his pain, the new team have suggested seeing a orthopaedic surgeon to have tissue removed from his hamstrings, to help with the muscle shortening that he has.
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  4. Hmmmm I think the advertisement above needs to be removed Ellen. Sounds like a serious scam to me...I've never heard of permanent brain damage and CP being totally cured by a "herbal spell caster".


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