Tuesday, March 14, 2017

17 ways parents can survive a snow day with kids

1. Upon awakening, inform your partner, "I'm feeling a little funny, I think I need to sleep in" then hide under the covers.

2. Proceed to get your butt out of bed after receiving the raised-eyebrow look and guzzle coffee.

3. Allow children to eat all of the treats you bought for snowmaggedon...by 10:00 a.m.

4. Decide that your vow not to let your children watch too much TV was too extreme and let them watch too much TV.  

5. Check out some of those "589 Snowy Day Activities for Kids!" articles. Then let the kids go back to watching TV. 

6. Take 20 minutes to get everyone bundled up. Build a snowman for 10 minutes until someone whines that it's too cold. Go back inside and take 10 minutes to get everyone un-bundled. 

7. Suggest playing hide-and-seek. Go hide under the covers. 

8. Offer to make hot chocolate. As children wait expectantly at table, take a really long time to rip open the packet of powder, pour it into a cup, boil hot water, let it over-boil for a while, pour into mugs then let them cool. Check email throughout.

9. Text friends SOS messages as kids whine/melt down/generally lose it.

10. Inform the kids you will bake cookies or make a craft as long as you can listen to your music. Buh-bye, Radio Disney, hello, Bruce!

11. Serve kids mac 'n cheese for lunch and yourself a nice glass of "parent juice."

12. Give kids their baths in the middle of the day with ALL OF THE TOYS. 

13. Hold a dance marathon. Announce that the child who moves around for the longest wins, but they will all be eligible for prizes if they do it for a long time! Go into another room and dig into your book club read for three whole minutes. 

14. Play your wedding video for your children, then wonder once again why they find it so hilarious.

15. Start getting your children ready for bedtime at approximately 3:30 p.m.

16. Hold a clean-up marathon! As your children pout, sit back down with your book club read.

17. Pray with all your might that school is on again tomorrow. 

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