Thursday, March 9, 2017

15 weird habits of special needs moms

Attempt to become BFFs with the office receptionist in the hopes of snagging an appointment with the specialist who can't see your child till 3017.

Start feeling guilty that you're not going to do all of the exercises the therapists recommends the second she tells you them.

Hoard stuff from restaurants and stores. Those short, stubby pencils at IKEA: perfect for grasping! Burger King straws: so wide and slurp-able and in very attractive red!

At night, sit on couch or at kitchen table and stare vacantly into space for fun.

Curse at forms.

Surreptitiously sneak glances at other babies and children in the mall or park to see how they are acting and behaving, how their hands and limbs are moving and other stuff you shouldn't be comparing but do.

Raid the bag of Cheez Doodles—you know, the ones your child uses for feeding therapy. 

Use a variety of exaggerated facial expressions and gestures around your child: frantically shaking head = stop kicking the back of that person's seat; frantically wagging hand in front of mouth = please quit asking that guy where his hair is; frantically wiggling eyebrows = DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

Get perturbed with the insurance company staffer on the phone who asks for your ID even though you just punched it into your keypad. Because: You are going to get ticked off at her anyway, might as well start.

Get every bit as giddy as your child gets when you spot another train/manhole cover/car wash/digital watch/fire extinguisher/[insert object of obsession].

Gird yourself for IEP meetings as if you are going into combat.

Act like absolutely nothing is happening even as your child is having the meltdown to end all meltdowns in a public place.

Sense that someone is about to shoot your child a dirty look and head them off with the evil eye.

Sit in the car on some random street, your child asleep in the back seat, and have a good cry.

Go to the drugstore to pick up meds and roam the aisles for a half hour. Just for fun.


  1. Guilty! ����

  2. Ugh... that last one gets me. I spend a strange amount of time in drug stores to get away! I also find them strangely calming.

  3. (waving hand frantically)!

  4. HA! Literally LOLed about the IEP!


  5. So very true. I can really relate to the insurance company comment. I feel that way every month when I have to call for respite hours.

  6. Hit the nail with... Always ready with the evil eye to strangers and equally excited to see strange obsession. How about hand sewing son's favorite boxers used as jammies at midnight ...while still on said child because he knows if he takes then off you'll throw them out cause they're so worn!!?? I'm sure we all have our moments. Thanks for sharing and stay strong moms.

  7. Hi - I identify with every one of these!! So real and accurate!! My daughter is turning 20yo in April and things are very good. Just sharing that :).

  8. HAAAAHAHAHAH!!! So many of these are right on target! And how about sleeping on the floor outside his room so he stays in bed and you get some rest.

  9. Walgreens,wondered for 1/2 hr for got what i went in for

  10. Some of these we are't at without son yet because he isn't at a developmental point where he would understand them, but I definitely inform the insurance reps that I'm already mad, just not at them, and I'm sorry in advance if I'm mean-I also prolong my stops inside stores to run errands because those are my weekly outings without my kiddo (he's in the car with daddy) and just getting out of the house. And I totally stare down adults who give my kid dirty looks or give us that "pity" look-but I usually invite curious children to ask questions & their parents often look relieved or thank me because they wouldn't have known how to answer those questions later.

  11. Oh my goodness! Somedays I'm still in denial but I've done everyone of these! Multiple times! I'm still kinda new at being a special needs mom, thus the denial. I adopted my sweet girl 4 years ago when she was 10 (international) and it took us 2 years to see that her behaviors were not just trauma and settling in. Oh yeah, she's gorgeous and curvy so let's add "don't even think about it punk or I'll be forced to break your legs look at the teenage boy hanging around Whataburger!

  12. SKITTLES are my drug of choice❣️If my son has a meltdown in the store, I sit in the middle of the store with him...doesn't matter what others say or do or think! Depending on my mood I just might stand up, throw my arms out and say "TA-DA"! Still waiting for that day to come! God Blessed Us ALL,! And TRUSTS US WITH OUR 😇❤️


Thanks for sharing!

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