Thursday, February 18, 2016

Idea not for Shark Tank: Chocolate-flavored breast milk

Max is watching me pour milk I've just pumped into a bottle, as I often do right after he gets home from school. He is fascinated by this whole nursing thing. Sabrina asks about it on occasion, but generally has a bit of a know-it-all attitude. Max, he's just really curious.

This is a boy who once didn't know to ask questions. Now, they pour out of him.

Did he drink a lot of milk when he was a baby?
Does Ben mind that he only drinks and can't eat?
Is it cold or hot?
Does it taste like a milkshake? 
Does it stop when I sleep?
Did I drink that when I was a baby?
Can you buy boob milk at the supermarket? (This he asked by pointing to my boobs and then showing me a carton of milk in the fridge.)
When can Ben eat baby food?

The wheels, they are spinning.

Yesterday afternoon, Max pointed to his cup of chocolate milk on the kitchen table, then he pointed to the bottle of breast milk.

"You think breast milk should come in chocolate?" I asked.

"YES!" he said, excitedly.

He is so looking out for his baby bro.


  1. Haha. Max does love his chocolate milk! He provided the first laugh on my 18th birthday

  2. Wow - very intelligent questions and I think he has a genius idea about having chocolate breast milk and so sweet how he wants Ben to enjoy the same things that he enjoys.

  3. I would have asked all those questions. Humans are weird. We are the only species that drinks milk from another animal.

  4. Maybe the universe just gave you permission to binge on chocolate. Let's go with that.

  5. I love hearing how Max beams when you verbalize his excellent thoughts. Max's communication will no doubt keep improving because you are so in tune and encouraging. Cathy


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