Thursday, April 11, 2013

The power of pixels and prayers: For Gavin and Kate, with love

"Gavin went into cardiac arrest and is being choppered to DuPont. It's very grave. Please pray."

I was devastated to read Kate's Facebook update yesterday.

I have never met Kate in person. And yet, I know her. Mom to Gavin and Brian, she blogs at Chasing Rainbows; we've exchanged comments and emails for years. She is the one who let me know Duke University was doing stem cell infusions, where Max got his. Gavin's diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but Kate's never been totally convinced that's what he has. She's done everything within her powers to help him, from making special nutrition-packed purees to setting up a hyperbaric oxygen tent in her basement. Gavin, who's 5, recently started walking independently.

I know Kate. You do, too. Because she is any one of us, loving up her child, continuously finding new ways to help him and spreading the word about his greatness. And she does it with particular spirit and humor.

You know Gavin as well. He is one of ours, a child with a beautiful smile and fierce determination who doesn't know the meaning of "can't."

Yesterday, he stopped breathing and Kate rushed him to the ER. She shared an update a few hours later:

"Gavin is still very critical. He just crashed again and there are currently 8 people in the room. They may have to shock him soon if he doesn't come out of it. Please, please continue to pray. We have no idea if Gavin has brain function—that is the least of their concerns at the moment. Knowing you are all with us means so much to us. Please also pray for his little brother Brian."

And then, in the middle of the night, she posted about what was going on, Praying for a Miracle. Gavin went into cardiac arrest a second time, then a third. Doctors are not sure why a child would be having the abnormal heart rhythms that he is. They'll be running more tests.

As a community, we continuously draw courage and power from each other. Kate needs that strength right now, and the comfort of knowing we are thinking of her. Prayers have been pouring in through Facebook—which at times like these becomes Faithbook. Please, keep beaming prayers, thoughts and be-OK vibes at Gavin, along with ones for Kate and Brian.

We are with you, Kate, right here and in our hearts.


  1. All I could think as I read your last line was, "We are here! We are here! We are here!", from the movie, Horton Hears A Who. I hope Kate can feel all the love and prayers that are being sent to all of them right now. We are here!

  2. I have followed her blog for years and feel as if I know her (just like I do your family). My heart is breaking. I love that you called it Faithbook. I get so upset sometimes with things on FB, but love that we have a way to unite Prayer Warriors far away. My prayers are going strong thus morning!

  3. My heart is breaking, praying a lot for Gavin and Brian. God is with them.

  4. I've been reading Kate's blog for a while now on top of everything else Gavin has to go through this it's so unfair. Praying for Gavin.

  5. My heart is breaking for Kate and her family. I kept checking her FB page hoping for better news. Like you said, we may not have met each other in real life, but I feel like a dear friend is hurting and I wish I could do more.

    As always, I am thankful for our community. We always support each other and hold each other up when needed the most.

  6. Praying, praying praying for you, little Gavin and your brave family. God is WITH are NOT ALONE! Kate and family...we are praying for you and your precious boy! We know all too well that our child's name could be inserted where Gavin's any time. We hold your family in our hearts and prayers! ~ Kellie

  7. Thanks for posting her story again.

  8. Sending prayers and healing thoughts for Kate and all her family.

  9. Thank you for sharing her story, sending prayers thier way!

  10. Sending many prayers & hugs for Gavin to get better quick.


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