Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And then, Max re-gifted me a present

"Honey! Max has something for you!" Dave shouted from downstairs.

I was in our room switching from work clothes into sweats. It had been a looong day, and I was zonked. But this sounded interesting.

Max was waiting for me at the bottom of stairs, one hand behind his back, a huge smile on his face. He handed me a cute little plastic purple creature.

"This is for me?" I said, incredulously.

"Eee-yah!" said Max, happily.

Sabrina zoomed over. "It's from the stuff he got at Valentine's Day at school!" she reported. Max had come home with a red construction paper heart stuffed with cards, candy and little treats that had sat on a table in the playroom ever since.

Max, it seems, was re-gifting. Maybe he picked that up from me, I can't be sure. (FYI: If you are a real-life friend of mine or related to me, rest assured, I have never re-gifted to you.)

But still: He was giving me something purple. He never parts with anything purple. So this meant that:

a) He loves me—he really, really loves me
b) He is maybe getting a little over purple
c) He is trying to butter me up in hopes of going on another Disney Cruise
d) All of the above


  1. e) He realizes it's actually pink, and so is willing to part with it for reasons a) and c).

  2. He knows that he has a terrific mommy and he wanted to do something nice for you, but he is also very bright so there could be an ulterior motive as well.

    In any case, what he did was great!!

  3. Re-gifting makes a lot of sense in these tough economic times LOL. I vote for option a.

  4. I go with D, is it not sweet to see the joy on your kids face as he gives you a gift. Its priceless.


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