Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adaptive skiing for kids with disabilities: Max hits the slopes!

We've spent the holiday weekend at Keystone Resort in Colorado, a great place for families—especially ones with kids who have special needs, because there is an awesome adaptive skiing program for kids of all abilities. It's run by the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, with 25 staff members and about 350 awesome volunteers. They enable everyone to ski, whether independently mobile or not, and have worked with kids with various needs—cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, you name it. 

Max had three lessons, each with the same staffer (thank you, Chris!) and a volunteer. It took him awhile to get into it, but once he did, he was very happy—and very proud of himself. If you've skied, you know how good it feels to get into a groove. For Max, the thrill is extra-awesome because it gives him added confidence about moving his body. By the end of his lessons, he was able to turn his skis and independently walk with them on.  

Check him out! (The wobbly spots are my camera-holding challenges, not Max's.) Then come back tomorrow to see the new sport Max invented. 


  1. Go Max! What a wonderful program. Looks like a ton of fun....can't wait to see the 'new sport'!

  2. AWESOME! WTG Max!!! My son, who is 12 and has spastic squad CP has participated in the adaptive water skiing and had so much fun doing it. I think it's great that they are coming up with more ways to let those with disabilities participate in sports like these.

  3. he looks so HAPPY! so glad you guys had fun.

    how does the ring he's holding help?

    1. It helps him balance to some extent, but it's also a security thing—makes him feel more in control.

  4. Ellen, when we were in the USA in November/December, we spent a few days at Heavenly in California. Which is part of the Vali Resorts group that also own Keystone. Seeing my Miss 9-1/2 on skis during her Adaptive Lesson and yelling "Mummy I did it! I did it! I did it!" reduced me to a gushing flood of tears. And what did she do that was so exciting? She stood up and inched forward at the pace of a snail :) It's the small things in life that mean SO much. It is a memory I will treasure FOREVER. Way to go Max!

    Michelle from Australia :)

  5. THAT IS AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! LOVE the smiles!!!!

  6. This is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing


Thanks for sharing!

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