Thursday, November 15, 2012

A site to help parents navigate special ed: Get a sneak peek

Some people say they'd buy a gigantic new home or get a fancy car if they won the lottery. What I dream of: having my own secretary. First thing I'd asked her (or him!) to do: Help me organize Max's therapies and school life—and, oh yes, fill out insurance forms.

No lottery win yet, but I recently found out about myEdGPS, a free new online platform where parents of kids with autism, learning disabilities and other special needs can store their child's IEP info, track milestones, keep a calendar of meetings and use a "letter generator" to write letters to, say, request a school evaluation. Parents can also store evaluations and email correspondence in a virtual binder, and even get live advice from education advisors and advocates, for a small fee. 

Created by an education advisor with 15 years of experience, the site seems innovative. It's in beta-testing, and they asked me to share that they're looking for a select group of parents to try it out. You'll get access right after Thanksgiving, and you can use it throughout mid-January, as often as you want. Once the site is live in February, all the stuff you added will be saved.

Parents who test myEdGPS will give feedback on the site's offerings, including suggested improvements. You just click to answer questions that crop up as you navigate around. What you get: A first look at a unique site and helpful info, including how to navigate IEPs and 504s. Because even if we did win the lottery, we'd still have to show up.

If you'd like to be a tester, you can sign up here no later than midnight on Wednesday, November 20.

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