Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh, happy day: Max lied to me

So, we're still in the throes of potty-training at home. Happily, Max is fully trained at school. At this point, it's a battle of wills (Max's, Dave's and mine) and codependency (Max's).

The other night, before bathtime, I asked Max to sit on the potty. He did, grudgingly.

"Gooooooo!" he said, pointing to the door.

He wanted me out of there.

I left, but hovered in the shadows.

Max got up after about 30 seconds. No tinkling sound whatsoever, at least that I could hear. I watched him peer out the door.

"Max, did you go?" I asked, startling him.

"YESSSS!" he said. And then, as I walked toward him, he turned around and flushed the toilet.

Now, I guess he could have gone very softly, except (to be graphic) there was no pee on the seat as there usually is.

Max was trying to pull a fast one on me.

As warped as it may sound, it made me a little happy. You need a certain level of cognition to be wily like that, and Max had achieved it. He knew he needed to cover up his tracks (or lack thereof).

I stared at him. "Max," I said, "I am not really sure you did go in the potty. I am not sure that's the truth. But I know you will go tomorrow!"

And I left it at that. Now, if tomorrow he tells me that he's not the one who finished all the chocolate ice-cream, he's gonna be in trouble.


  1. Yay for Max! My oldest son, didn't talk until he was 3 1/2. When he did, he was very defiant. Everything was "no", "I don't want to", "be quiet." While other people thought he ran the roost, we were just so happy that he was talking. We later showed him who was boss, lol. I am so happy I found this blog!

  2. Wow! Yes I remember the first time I caught my son (PDD-NOS and developmentally delayed) lying to me. I was in shock, a little wowed, and I really debated whether or not to let him know that I knew (or suspected). In the end I did tell him I didn't think he was being truthful and he confessed right away. Now I'm not so happy when he lies (which he does from time to time) but I can catch him and he knows it. It's definitely one of those ODD milestones!

  3. Lol. I really do get so happy about those types of things! My Max goes to a million drs. Each time I get a new diagnosis added to that little bad sheet. Makes me sad. Yesterday, I took him to the Er...and they said "ear infection" yipppeeee. Like every other baby. I was thrilled with some normal Amoxicillin. (Though he is not)

  4. How cute are they ...My miguel ( CP) CEREBRAL PALSY try to pull those on me every time he can he is stubborn as well its his way or the highway..

  5. Yes. I admit. I was super proud the first time my son with autism told me a lie - and I believed it! He'd always been such a terrible liar. His body language would immediately give him away. And if I even looked at him sideways he'd confess. So I was secretly thrilled. It takes some pretty sophisticated social skills to deceive someone! That's progress!

  6. My 16 year old would bein HUGE trouble for lying. Yet for other kids (your Max and my Josh) we celebrate these normalcise? Strange but true :)

  7. Trust me, before I became a parent I could have never imagined getting so psyched about A KID TELLING A LIE!!!

  8. Hee hee..this made me giggle..sly Max!

  9. My brother has the habit of constantly asking, "What's that?" about things he knows perfectly well. After saying, "That's the cat" for the five-thousandth time, I started saying random other animal names, and he'd say, "no, that miaow" himself - and I was so thrilled the first time he said, "no, that woof-woof-woof."
    And now he's actually making up crazy stories about how he ate a car for dinner, or about accidents he never really had (he does get hurt a lot, but he definitely never hit his head on an exhaust pipe!)

  10. This is great news! The simplist milestones excite me so much, I totally get it.


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