Saturday, August 25, 2012

Random Good, Happy Stuff

• This beautiful boy is Jon Paul, son of a reader here named Faye. He is on page 24 and the back page of the just-released Toys 'R Us Guide For Differently-Abled Kids. Faye writes, "Eighteen months ago, this little boy was sitting in an orphanage in China for severely disabled children. He was deemed 'unadoptable.' Today he's on the pages of a Toys 'R Us catalog. I am beyond proud." 

• People, I need your help. I am working with to put together a holiday toy guide based completely on parents' recommendations. I have just a few weeks to do it, I need more recommendations, and I KNOW you have them. Please, can you go here and fill out the form? Don't do it for me (though I appreciate it)—do it so other kids' can benefit from the toys that have helped your child. 

• Absolutely awesome video of a little girl who got a new pair of legs (thanks, Paula)!

• As you read this, we have hopefully arrived safely in Vermont for a vacay. First we are doing a stay at Liberty Hill Farm. The kids are psyched to milk cows and generally see how a farm works, but I think I'm even more excited than they are. Then we head over to Smugglers' Notch, which has amazing summer (and winter!) programs for kids with special needs. Our general plans are to have lots of fun and eat lots of cheese (well, OK, that's mainly my plan). 

And, yes! I have some great guest posts planned for next week. Not from him:



  1. We go to Smuggler's Notch every year and LOVE it. The kids love it, too. The SNAP program is absolutely wonderful. You won't believe all of the fun things those kids do. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. The comment loaded before I could write my name!

    -Julia O'C

    PS: Take advantage of some of the family activities at Smuggs like the magic show!

  3. Your son is so cute Faye! What an inspiring story. God Bless You. Jon Paul, You are one lucky little boy with a great mom.

  4. I filled out the form but thought this link to the actual toy might be helpful. Tess just loves it!

  5. Vermont - I've always wanted to go there! I hope you all have a fantastic time!


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