Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The best question in the whole wide world

For years, Max never knew how to ask a question. That hadn't occurred to me back then, because I was so focused on getting words to come out of his mouth. But when Sabrina started asking about everything, I suddenly realized her brother hadn't been.

So, Max has finally started the question thing. It's just one question, actually, and it is "Oooh-ay?" ["Today?"]

Every morning, when Max wakes up, he asks if we can go on another Disney Cruise. When I say "Yes!" (we're planning one for December) he'll say "Oooh-ay?" And then I'll tell him that I need to still buy tickets, and that we will go for his birthday. Then we discuss who we'll see on the cruise: Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, princesses. Sometimes, I'll throw in "SpongeBob!" or "iCarly" and Max will laugh because he knows they're not Disney peeps.

He'll ask the question frequently throughout the day:

Can we go on rides today?

Can we go bowling today?

Can he get a chocolate milkshake today?

I love, love, love it.

For the past few days, there's been no "Oooh-ay?" Max is at sleepaway camp for a week, the same one he went to last year. He even has the same awesome counselor, Kirsten, who requested him.

We're having a special Sabrina celebration today: We're going to do some cooking, go to our town's 4th of July events, have a picnic, see the fireworks at night. It's amazing to have time alone with her.

But I am really missing the sound of "Oooh-ay?"

Hope you're having a fun Fourth!


  1. Happy Fourth to you and your family, Ellen! Enjoy :)

  2. I hope Max is having a fab time at camp again! I'm sure Kirsten's taking good care of him! Happy 4th July, enjoy it! =)

  3. I bet Max is haveing fun at camp and Ooooh-ay? all the time to Kirsten.

  4. Unrelated FYI link possibly of interest:

  5. So much good in this post. Hope camp is great, Sabrina had a great day, and that Max will continue asking questions until you can't stand another word ;) (Not that we'll ever really take our kids' words for granted!)

  6. Hope you had a great 4th! yesterday not OOAYY?

  7. We had a good 4th.The girls had a gymnastic performance yesterday.They all did great especially Madi and her fellow "Movement" classmates. The only issue we had was with fireworks.The really bugged Madi even with noise restaint headphones,a Dora the Explorer tape and ice cream she neared a tattrum.Our "wonderful" neighbors illegally put off fireworks from 8pm to about 10:30 not good when a 5 year old,a 7 year old and a nine year old have to go to bed.

  8. I love when my kiddo does something new that we've been waiting for. Congrats to all y'all!!!

  9. Congratulations Max! Oooaayy is your day! So happy for you and hoping that you have a blast in the camp!


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