Wednesday, July 27, 2016

20 wishes for my child with special needs

1. I wish for you to be happy, now and forever.

2. I wish for you to have a full life, too. People often remark "As long as he's happy!" yet I also hope that you enjoy a wide gamut of experiences and interests. (Other than watching certain YouTube videos 47 times in a row.)

3. I wish for you to always be surrounded by people who know, respect and admire your abilities.

4. I wish for you to keep rocking your timeline. You've taught me that inchstones are every bit as amazing as milestones, and that progress at any pace is progress to be celebrated. 

5. I wish that as you get older, including people of all abilities in mainstream activities and programs is increasingly typical.

6. I wish for you to have the resources to max out your potential....along with plenty of motivating chocolate ice-cream.

7. I wish for you to show all the people that disability is just one part of who someone is, not the whole.  

8. I wish for you to someday be your own advocate. But in the meantime, buddy, I am here to do the job. 

9. I wish for you to hold onto your delight in life's big and small wonders; a lot of us adults could use that enthusiasm. 

10. I wish you the best team of doctors, specialists and therapists. And I wish you never have to deal with insurance company incompetency but DON'T GET ME STARTED. 

11. I wish for technology to continue to expand your world, including in ways people haven't even dreamed are possible. 

12. I wish you evolving independence, and lots of it. (That's a wish for me, too.)

13. I wish for you to keep outgrowing the sensory challenges and pushing past them when you can. Especially the kicking of airplane seats, table legs and sofa bottoms. (Yep, also a wish for me.)

14. I wish for you to someday have a satisfying job. I used to worry that you wouldn't grow up to be, say, the president. But, heck, how many people are president? I hope that you find work that is meaningful and interesting, and that the opportunities and equal pay are there for you. Alternately, I hope you win the lottery and can regularly lounge around a large pool as you're served chocolate ice-cream.

15. I wish for you to keep working that killer smile. Oh, and I wish you eternal good hair.  

16. I wish for you to never feel self-conscious about your disability or differences. 

17. And I do wish that you are aware of having a disability, because it would mean that you have that level of cognition. And I hope you have the confidence to be proud of all that you are and all that you have achieved.  

18. I wish that should you someday notice people staring, you wonder what their problem is. Because there is something wrong with them, not you. *Unless they are gaping at your fabulous hair.  

19. I wish for you to keep proving the doom-saying doctors wrong. 

20. I wish for you to know and feel how tremendously proud I am of you. Not because of how far you've come, but because of who you've always been: My beautiful, bright, capable, awesome child. 

Image: Flickr/Dan Zen


  1. I love this list! #8 and #12 particularly stuck out, as those wishes have been weighing on my mind a lot lately.

  2. The disability is a part of someone, but that part balances several other parts. I don't see a 2d puzzle-style piece, but a structure of delicately suspended rods that seem to come together randomly. However, removing one rod will destroy the structure.

    And, yes, eternal good hair is awesome.

    1. Love that analogy!

    2. I always try to keep things logically consistent.

  3. #2- lots of teenagers binge watch YouTube #7, #8 & #16- Most likely they will be things he thinks about and develops new ideas about as he grows. I know I still am. And it's a marvelous thing. Ellen, Did you share this with Max?

    1. Max is at camp but, yes, it will be shared in a way that's meaningful to him. As for #7, Max is already showing people that disability is just one part of who he is, and I hope that as his circle expands so will the message!

  4. This is amazing ... nearly all these wishes are the same that I have for my 3-year-old son. (Aside from the good hair ones. ;-)) I found your blog in recent months, and so much of what you write resonates with me.


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