Friday, January 13, 2012

Love That Max Rerun: Spaghetti As A Fashion Statement

I've written a whole lot of posts these past three years, because I am compulsive like that. In the name of environmental good I'm going to start recycling them! Er, no, I'm going to re-share some because they were that awesome! Er, actually, I need a break today. Enjoy, this one's from 2/9/09.

So, this woman walks into her boss's office with spaghetti on her shirt...

That's not the start of a bad joke. It's what happened to me the other day.

It was a particularly crazy morning at my house. I rarely leave myself enough time to get ready for work, so it's always this mad rush-rush-rush of plopping the kids down to watch Jack's Big Music Show, showering, indulging my brow-tweezing obsession for a few minutes (I'd probably stop to do that if I were running out of a house on fire), throwing on clothes and makeup, passing the kids over to the babysitter and zooming off to make my train. But that morning, I had a couple of bills to pay. I needed to put away some clean laundry the kids were somehow using as skates. And I never take time to eat at home but I was ravenous, so I grabbed a container of leftover spaghetti from the fridge and shoveled down a few forkfuls.

I walked into the office of one of my bosses shortly after I got to work.

"You have a noodle on your shirt," she said, matter-of-factly.

I looked down. There it was, a random piece of spaghetti hanging out on my chest. Not the entire loop of it, but a definite piece of one. I was about to make a joke about the spaghetti brooch I'd inherited from my grandmother but instead just muttered something about my busy morning (and, now that I'm pondering this, what DID I do with that noodle? Did I flick it onto her carpet? That's even less wise than walking around with a noodle on your shirt).

Curse you, Ronzoni.

I really need to wake up a little earlier.

That's actually not me above. Photo from istock/Kuricheva Ekaterina


  1. I'm glad you recycled that one. Made me think of a date night (that thing of fiction before kids) that my wife and I had early in our marriage that almost ended our marriage bliss. She did the standard turn and "how do I look'? I did the glance and "You look fine..." It wasn't until we made it home she noticed when getting ready for bed that the new pants she was wearing all night still had that long clear tape-like sticker that had her pant size stuck all the way from thigh to knee on the back of her leg.
    Big mistake...big mistake...bad husband.

  2. This makes me laugh because my friend and I were at a track meet on my birthday a couple years ago are track team shirts were white after the track meet we all decided to go out for my birthday dinner at the beginning of which we were comparing our weird tans (thanks to AFOs you can get some weird) by the end of the meal my friend and I were comparing who was the messiest white shirts, tamato sauce, and cerebral palsy don't mix

  3. Kevin, this reminds me of a similar event way back in my marriage. Do you remember green stamps (revealing my age)? My family and I went to a church dinner. I had to make an announcement, stood up in front of God and everybody and spoke for a while. After I got home I found that a strip of green stamps was stuck to my leg.

    Had my husband even noticed? I think not!

  4. In my college sports week, my friend wear a polo and he`s got mysterious cuts in his arms and he has no clue how they got there. When he investigate further, it was just a chemical reaction of lab class earlier.



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